[REVIEW♡] Manchester MCM Comic Con Expo 2015 Saturday + Sunday

Friday, 31 July 2015

Manchester MCM 2015 Saturday and Sunday Review

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry that it's been a long while since my last post :( In the meantime I have a new camera for better photos and a backlog of posts so things should be up and running more smoothly! ^_^

Last weekend I went to Manchester MCM, this is my second year going and I managed to have so much fun! The queuing system was a big improvement from last year, probably due to the fact that tickets couldn't be bought at the door this time. However I didn't take much interest in the guest line up but the masquerade entrants looked really cool. I want to watch the masquerade at my next convention, but I discovered that during the masquerade this is the best time to view the stalls as there is less footfall ^^;  

Some people view the convention as a place to window shop with the motto "I'll buy this later online for cheaper" however sometimes you can find good deals at stalls and feel confident buying from a legitimate seller. The artist alley is also a great way to find artwork prints of your favorite characters to purchase and enjoy a nice conversation with the artists.  The Sakura figure was a nice find as I had not seen this version before and the estatic arts stall opens the blind box figures which I personally prefer as it helps me to find the character option that I want ^-^


Saturday 25th July 2015

For Saturday my costume was Maka from Soul Eater

The saturday was a hectic day as I was mostly interested in the stalls but I had to use my scythe as a two handed weapon, which was a hindrance.

I made a lot of this outfit by myself which made me feel pretty proud as I didn't think I'd be able to do a good job, but I got a lot of compliments on my craftsmanship! ^_^ Carrying this scythe around was pretty hard work since I had to be careful not to damage the prop or cause any injury but everything went OK! I'll make a future post about how I made this cosplay so stay tuned ^-^

Here below are some photos took during the day

Photographs with cosplayers on saturday

Sunday 26th July 2015

On Sunday I cosplayed Card Captor Sakura

I bought the winter school uniform from aliexpress last year and the staff was handmade, along with the hair accessories. I was quite glad that this staff was more lightweight. However the wings were very delicate and required touch ups at the cosplay repair station. I also ended up helping out other people too which I enjoyed ^_^

Compared to saturday I found the second day to be more relaxed and I spent most of the day eating the snacks at the stalls and trying to find cosplayers for photographs! My Sakura cosplay was much more well received than I initially thought! Choosing an old school character was definitely something that I would recommend ^_^

Here below are some photos took during the day
Photographs with cosplayers on sunday

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