[REVIEW♡] Channel SNSD - Episode 1

Monday, 10 August 2015

SNSD are back with their single - Party and are working at full force with promotions including a new variety show, by OnStyle!
This show has been kindly subbed by Kshowsnow. I want to give credit where it is due because without them I wouldn't be able to review.

The show starts of with behind the scenes footage of producers talking to the girls. Great. And then some shots of the girls preparing for their “Party” promotions. We get to see an inside glimpse of how our (now 8) girls manage their styling sessions.

 Taeyeon spills the inside secrets – the order of members is chosen through ballots and she is often on the losing end. Meaning that she’s first up to be styled which means no rest!

Now that styling is done, everyone is gathered at a location to receive word from the OnStyle team. Seohyun reads out the letter that they’re going on a vacation (very fitting for this promotion) and that they have 300,000 won to spend between them.

 The best part is that there has two be two teams of drivers and the battle commences for drivers seat. Sooyoung immediately volunteers but Yoona also wants this chance too! 
Tiffany suggests that Hyoyeon is a good fit with a few members agreeing but Yuri enters the fray to defend her close friend Yoona.

Onwards to a complicated game of rock paper scissors, dark horse Taeyeon eventually ends up picking Sooyoung as the designated driver. 
Whilst the rest of the girls picked Yoona.

Which was probably the best choice considering Sooyoung seems to be overflowing with energy  to show us all and somebody needed to take her on.
We also get to see Taeyeon showing off her cute side as well!

With drivers decided, we can get going onto our destination.

We have Peaceful Red Car Team with Driver Yoona
Inside this are Yuri, Tiffany, Seohyun and Hyoyeon - Tiffany questions why Yuri has ended up in this car, and then gets booted in Sooyoung’s car
Serious Black Car with Driver Sooyoung has both Taeyeon and Sunny with the later addition of Yuri.

Whilst Taeyeon is questioning the need for life insurance whilst in Sooyoung’s car.. Yoona’s car team end up stopping off to treat themselves to ice cream!
Sunny hasn’t had much airtime so far but the shopping adventure brings her leadership skills into action, managing the sneaky antics of Tiffany who wants to buy beef and Yuri who is interested in the Citreon Soju. 

The driving segment felt a bit too dragged out – maybe earlier into debut this would have been more exciting but there was only some members who seemed to be providing variety besides acting gangster dancing to music

The girls end up at their vacation destination but we all really knew that this wasn't party time.
The girls are greeted (through video message) by Jun Hyun Moo and SHINee’s Key who inform them that they’re all here to prepare for their variety channels through a workshop task.

Now onto the workshop – "Training Channel SNSD’s Spirit" 
Members take part in a quiz show, answering the questions by calling out their name. Unluckily for Tiffany, her name has three syllables which makes her chances of winning the perfume set prize dwindle.

We get to see some more comedic moments with the quiz which was needed as the 1st episode did not have much going on so far.
One of the first questions asks what Yoona stated her Ideal type as back in 2009 - Yuri takes this a shot to wittily answer with Lee Seung Gi and take Yoona by surprise.

The quiz has different game segments which includes

  • Completing the Party Choreography to win a water game event
  • Spitting watermelon seeds onto their faces to gain points by ruining their image
  • Revealing embarrassing photos – with three levels of harassment

Once level 1 and level 2 of the embarrassing photos were revealed, we’re drawn to a cliffhanger and waiting for episode 2.

Final Thoughts

The seems to be interesting written on paper, the concept of 8 girls each having a different channel to focus on their own personalities is great as I think it would help out those members who lack in variety and instead of relying on the group. Each member now has to work hard.

The first episode however, the driving segment did carry on for too long and we’ve seen so much of SNSD on social media that their daily lives aren’t as interesting. This issue is more because of OnStyle’s direction as “The TaeTiSeo” and “Jessica and Krystal” had similar problems. Sooyoung’s variety antics did save the show and she seemed really happy to be filming again, likewise to Tiffany (who is always energetic) Yoona and Yuri.

The quiz show segment did remind me of the older format of variety shows but the prize of perfume set wasn’t really enticing and didn’t seem to be the focus. Maybe a rookie group would work harder for such a prize, the issue seems to be that with SNSD having so much experience and previous shows, Channel SNSD has felt a bit boring and underwhelming. However!! This is only the first episode so I’m not going to stick to this opinion. The current populartity of self broadcasts is a great idea but I just have not seen it yet, and I’m kind of failing to understand how a quiz show segment helps to prepare for this.


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