[REVIEW♡] Channel SNSD - Episode 2

Monday, 17 August 2015


Episode two starts with a short recap of what previously happened in the first episode and then we get to watch the rest of the quiz show.

Quiz Segment

 The suspense of the embarrassing photos wasn't too impressive.. probably a bit predictable. Yoona's most embarrassing photo was due to a weird catwalk concept.

Anyway, Yoona suggests that Sunny gets extra points for her embarrassing photo which puts her in the spotlight to choose the next topic i.e. adult theme. 
This topic is perfect for Sunny however the question is a supposed play on words. Women's weakness is mood, men's weakness is nude. Which Taeyeon correctly guesses. 
Sunny's perfect opportunity got snatched by Taeyeon lol.

The next topic is Baseball - we can all see where this is going!!
Tiffany answers with Oh Seung Wan even before the question is given out! Making Yuri feel all hot and bothered under the collar.

We next have a question asking the stages of how Sunny performs her aegyo, to which Sunny cannot guess right either!
 Poor Sunny, and then she mentions how her aegyo hasn't helped her with relationships either.

Last question is worth 200 points which could bring anybody into the lead. 
Sunny who is already in the lead is anxious to claim her stake and when the question is about Hyoyeon's devotion during IGAB promotions, every one is quick to answer about her nose. Indirectly dissing Hyoyeon.
 Yoona manages to answer correctly and wins the perfume.

Water Party!

Now we're onto the water surfing! Sunny is away to partake in her radio schedule so the rest of the girls get changed into their surfing outfits. 
Everyone is excited to get changed into their fashionable surfing gear. 
Team A - Hyo, Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seo are especially excited as we get to see more of the girls bursting into song at every available opportunity and taking photos too!

Meat Generation

Taeyeon is grouped with both Yoona and Yuri for the other team. After a fun day of water surfing to lift everybody's spirits, the next task is the cooking! 

With a variety of problems, Yuri wakes up from a nap and saves the meat from being burnt where as Sooyoung has to phone her mother to ask for help with fixing the taste of the soybean stew.
With the feast finally prepared, this is a perfect opportunity to talk about what the girls have been contemplating to show for their own channels.

NyamNyam Channel

Yoona is the first SNSD member to show off her individual skills, with a cooking channel. Home Economics was her favorite lesson but then goes on to tell us that she didn't learn much besides knife cutting skills!

She's making "YoongYoong Steam Chicken" which is a basic recipe but at least Yoona shows that she has researched extensively to show us her cooking passion as she often gives tips based on her watching of others.

Looks delicious right?
Yoona's down to earth personality shines through this channel as it's been reiterated that she doesn't think of herself as a great cook. The finished result ends up being tested by a gourmet chef who keeps on commenting on how sour the dish is. Yoona justifies it by saying that it was intended to be both sour and sweet. Thankfully this is just a variety channel so viewers shouldn't expect too much expertise from Yoona's channel.

Channel Yuri

For her own channel, Yuri is going to show us some her skincare, make up and lifestyle tips. Great! Another beauty based channel.


Yuri begins by showing us her packet of blueberries. Yuri is right here that Blueberries are great for your skin. The reasoning for this is that blueberries contain the most antioxidants out of all of the berries making it a superfood.

Yuri once again shows off another food product. This time she's teaching us all about the wonders of Lemon Water! 
Drinking this daily is great for your body as it is a detox. Yuri mixes one pulp of lemon into carbonated water, i.e. sparkling water. I thought this was a strange choice as I use hot water myself. I'd recommend anybody who tries this to drink with a straw as lemon juice is acidic and can harm the enamel on your teeth!!
 The water should help to reduce the acidic taste but it's best to be safe as enamel cannot regrow.

Make up wise, we get to see all of the members preparing for their performance of Party. Yuri explains that her orange choice of lipstick matches well with her tan skin, whilst Tiffany and Yoona are messing around with the camera.

Channel Tiffany

I'm not exactly sure concept Tiffany has decided to do. Fashion and Make up would have suited her well, but Sooyoung and Yuri have chosen these two for their own channels.

The channel starts with greetings from Super Junior, who are currently promoting "Devil" but there's only a few minutes of footage for this channel.

The episode ends with a teaser for next week - the girls are trying to resolve their persistent doubts.
This seems to be another quiz segment which makes me think that this will be fitted into every episode. However, we've only been able to see two channels so far. 

General thoughts:

It feels that maybe SNSD Channel is trying to do too many segments. 8 personal variety channels, A quiz show segment and having to include their own personal thoughts towards their new album.

Anyway, maybe next week I'll be able to have a much better judgement of how much airtime each channel receives.
 Stay tuned for my review of SNSD Channel Episode 3 next Monday!

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  1. Well dear I like all the embarrassing photos. I just love to do Water party with my friends. Since last a year I haven’t done any party so now I am planning to hire an event coordinator who can manage my party. Please help.


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