[REVIEW] Channel SNSD - Episode 3

Monday, 24 August 2015

Channel SNSD Episode 3

With this episode we get to see Taeyeon's Channel which takes up the first segment, and then afterwards we have another quiz show segment. The quiz shows seem to be for us to be able to watch all the members interact and show their sisterly bond.

Channel Taeyeon

Taeyeon has decided to go down the route of showing us various ways of how to spend our alone time. The studio has been prepared with props and we begin with an assembly of a monsters inc nanoblock figure.
 Afer a while, Taeyeon gives us and shows us the colouring set that she's brought with her today. I really liked how Taeyeon decided to bring her own feel to the channel. We've seen her drawings previously through SNS and now we get to explore this side more. 

Similar to Yoona, Taeyeon also declares herself a novice when it comes to art. The latest trends is adult colouring books which Taeyeon shows us and the use of a watercolour brush was nicely added. Whilst not majoring in Art, Taeyeon still shows some great skills and tips.
 However, I felt that Taeyeon's channel did not have as much interaction as possible, watching someone colour a book is similar to watching a friend play games and being unable to join in too.

Quiz Segment

This segment is meant to dispel the false impressions that the public have about SNSD. Such as; can SNSD really eat chocolate? Yeah, don't worry, the topics discussed in this episode aren't that condensing.

The members get to interview each member more personal topics and the first victim is Sunny!

We've all previously known her for her aegyo act but when it comes to Sunny, the focus on everybody's minds is her sexy image enforced by her bikini selcas, which is the topic the girls jump to discuss. 

Next is Yoona, chosen by Sunny who has noticed her recent influx of aegyo. 
Ready to snatch the aegyo queen title, Yoona is next in the spotlight to prove herself. Sooyoung with the rest of the members challenge Yoona to phone a male celebrity and for him to declare her cuteness. After a hilarious phone call to Eunhyuk, Yoona fails her mission.

Hyoyeon is called up to the interview by Sooyoung. We get to see a glimpse of her inside thoughts, her dreams of being a wise mother and good wife which surprises snsd as her personality is strong. Yuri questions why her friends all seem to be guys and what her future husband would think.
 Taeyeon also asks about her cooking skills - which is ok for Hyoyeon, Yoona can teach you anyway. 

Before that happens, Yoona tests her on ability to do common household chores and following in Yoona's footsteps - it's a failed mission.

Sooyoung is up at the spotlight and is quickly interrogated by Seohyun who is ready for revenge after being dissed in the past. It seems that Seohyun is not the only victim to Sooyoung's sassy disses.  
Sooyoung ends up teasing Tiffany's height and her blows even spread towards the crew members!

Taeyeon declares a member that is harming the beautiful image of SNSD, and it's none other than Yuri! Back again from episode 2 - her derp faces emerge. 
Another challenge emerges, this time SNSD want to shock Yuri into giving us all another derp face with Hyoyeon being the chosen one of carrying out this plan.

The episode quickly closes after 5 of our 8 members have been interviewed and we get to see a quick glimpse of next week's continuation of the quiz show segment. Hope you all visit next monday for my weekly reviews of Channel SNSD!

Thank you for reading!

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