[REVIEW♡] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 1

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hi Everyone.

Ok so let’s talk about the anime that pipped my interest for this season. 

Himouto! Umaru Chan 



The series is a slice of life about a girl with double life - an otaku life

I'll be doing a general review for the first episode - Umaru and Onii-chan 

Anybody who is familiar with Watamote will understand the pretense right? 
An anime about a girl who likes otaku culture which draws in the attention of female fans across the world. 
After all this is a series about a girl enjoying her youth with many popular culture references littered throughout the episode. 
Very relatable and very easy to keep up.

However, Himouto! Umaru Chan is slightly different to Watamote as this time our girl has the best of both worlds.
 Top of the class, Umaru Doma is  a mysterious beauty, envied by both guys and girls who causes no drama or harm. 
Her everyday character comes across as perfect - but her secret life shows the opposite.

However once she gets home and throws off her uniform to don some baggy lounge wear, an orange hood and becomes "Chibi Umaru". 
A hardcore female otaku.
 Her brother has to look after his little sister and with buying food and working long hours it’s understandable he wants his sister to grow up and become more responsible. 

This anime wouldn’t be appealing if it wasn’t exaggerated. 
 Chibi Umaru’s personality can come across as spoiled and bratty but with a brother who is a push over, she’s hardly going to change her ways. 
Maybe at the end of the series she will come to appreciate her brother more, but who knows if she will cease her secret lifestyle.

The NEET lifestyle of Umaru is fun to watch, however, 20 minutes of watching just Umaru squabble over not getting the latest release of “Jun Piece” could get boring quickly. This makes the execution of her carefully devised plan to keep up her perfect maiden image bring an interesting stance to the genre. 


The art style often swaps between a more realistic perspective and the Chibi version of Umaru. This is done pretty well and in terms of animation, there are no complaints so far! The different styles of art used within the opening to create various parodies did amaze me.

The music does also compliment the double lifestyle genre.

The Opening song is "Kakushin-teki Metamarufōze!" by Aimi Tanaka, the Voice Actor for Umaru. The song swaps between a fast pace; symbolizing the carefree and spoiled mindset of Chibi Umaru and then a slower pace which highlights how School Girl Umaru is also a refined young maiden in the eyes of society.

The ending however focuses only on School Girl Umaru to gives spotlight to the "School Life" genre. Titled "Hidamari Days" and performed by the female characters it reminds viewers, that while Chibi Umaru is manipulative and bratty, deep down her character does have redeeming qualities - her love for others.

This is what sets this series apart from Watamote.
 At least I had some feelings of sympathy for Tomoko, Umaru however is spoiled, lazy and manipulative. If the roles were reversed and Umaru was a guy I think people would be less interested in this series.


Thank you for reading!

8 comments on "[REVIEW♡] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 1"
  1. If people who haven't seen this decide to, what advice could you give them to understand why she acts so selfish, spoiled, impatient, manipulative, greedy and ill-tempered around her brother?

    1. I also forgot to mention, childish and sometimes violent.

    2. I think by looking at the issues in society, we can begin to understand Umaru's behaviour.

      I think Umaru is a good example of how important consumerism has become for many people in society. Umaru's personality is built on materialistic possessions such as buying the latest games and magazines which makes her very materialistic and conveniently her family has lots of money which enables this spoilt behaviour, she doesn't have to sacrifice anything or work hard as a result. She's used to getting what she wants, and being materialistic makes people quite competitive, which is an inbuilt trait in humans.

      People who are materialistic can often see people and friendships as a tool towards their own needs (more so desires than needs), which can also explain her behaviour towards her brother. By seeing relationships as a method towards her own means (which can lead to selfishness and manipulation) Umaru, like many others have abandoned the traditional moral beliefs that make people happy, such as being patient and kind, as they are stuck in a continuous cycle of benefiting from the latest new trends in order to be happy quite quickly. However, that happiness will not last long, which is why people are ill-tempered and impatient towards getting in on the latest new trend.

      Materialism has it's downsides as it's been studied that social media, and comparing what others have in comparison to own self can lead to debt and depression.

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    7. So what advice can you give us to NOT take the way she treats her brother seriously?


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