[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 2

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Today is going to be a review of Himouto Umaru Chan. My thoughts on episode 1 can be found here.

The second episode is titled

Umaru and Ebina-chan


The episode focuses mostly on the interactions between Umaru, Her brother (Taihei) and Ebina-Chan. We met Ebina-chan in the first episode and appears to be a shy young girl with lacking confidence. I really liked how this episode focuses on the friendship between the two and gave Ebina some character focus.
 Umaru's brother, Taihei, is delighted by Ebina's presence as Umaru cannot transform into her chibi form around her friends - it would shatter her image of being a perfect member of society. 

Taihei as a result offers Ebina to visit as often as she wants, which most likely causes Umaru to become a bit jealous. Unfortunaltey for him, those words can be easily misinterpreted as him wanting to become closer to Ebina, when in reality he wants Umaru to simply clean her room. 

At the end of the night, after Ebina leaves the Doma residence, Umaru is finally able to unmask her slobbish persona. 
Taihei then realises that his imaginations of Umaru being a good little sister and cleaning up have been ripped apart and she's back to her bossy old self. Whilst these two are fighting, one floor below the apartment, Ebina-Chan is trying to contain her school girl crush on Taihei.

Next day, Umaru has pulled an all-nighter playing games and drinking cola, as usual. Poor Taihei is exhausted from working but Umaru wants company as playing single player games has made her lonely, and sleepy.
 After falling asleep and missing her anime shows, Umaru asks Taihei to go to the arcade because of a tournament - which was discovered during her date with Ebina-chan. 
Both girls seem interested in the tournament prize and who wouldn't be? I mean look at the cute long cat! It's called a necolombus! 
This kind of face shows up often in this anime ^-^

Umaru decides that Taihei would be great as a second hand man in order to win this prize. His weekend holiday is spent, winning a plushie... which isn't something most people would want to do when working a tiring job.
 Taihei he views it as a great opportunity to spend time with his little sister - until he gets ditched in the queue! 
Umaru decides to take the other entrance and play seperately in order to increase her chances. A pretty serious plan in order to obtain this necolombus. Taihei miraculously makes his way through the tournament and finds none other than Ebina-Chan at the finals! Taihei ends up beating her and takes home the prize for his little sister, who had abandoned him. 

Wrecked with guilt whilst walking Ebina back home, as we don't know where Umaru even is, Taihei gifts the necolombus to her. After all, she did seem to want it and to make her unintentionally upset could damage her relationship between Umaru. 
This kind hearted act is seen by none other than Umaru whose jealously is building up, she spent all day watching and believing her brother would gift her the necolombus and then watches as he gives it away. In the end - Umaru simply buys it on an auction anyway.

Once again, we meet Ebina-chan as the Doma siblings go grocery shopping and in order to tame his sister's tantrums, Taihei invites Ebina for a meal. This is where we really get to see a good insight to see Ebina's character.
 Umaru really wants her brother to buy Last Fantasy 15 but can't whine in front of her friend, unable to contain her feelings any longer, Umaru transforms into her chibi mode and fights with her brother. Ebina is witness to this character change but still is oblivious as her local country bumpkin dialect slips out. 

Her past story is given to us and we learn that Ebina-chan has traveled all the way from Akita, studying standard Japanese to live in Tokyo by herself. 
The move from Akita to Tokyo proved hard as Ebina-chan found many strangers to be staring at her - unable to pinpoint what she did wrong this made her feel vulnerable and scared. One passerby makes an unneeded comment about her chest size being so big and then the reason is discovered. With many people focused on her outward appearance, Ebina-chan bumps into Taihei when moving into her apartment and notices that he's the only one to look her in the eyes. 
This is where her crush has started to blossom from long ago.

In general, I really enjoyed this episode and I thought it was great that the episode didn't focus mostly on Umaru. As I mentioned in the previous post, I felt that 12 episodes about Umaru could grow old quickly so whilst I liked the focus on her school girl, I didn't expect to feel emotionally torn through Ebina's backstory!

 But still I'm glad that we get to see the feelings of those around Umaru and their interactions. We also learned a lot about Taihei in this episode as well with his gentleman approach to dealing with a stressful job and a challenging little sister. 
All in all, I'm pretty excited to see what will happen with episode 3. I thought this anime would be predictable, but it appears less so! ^-^

Thank you for reading!

8 comments on "[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 2"
  1. I can see how many people hate Umaru for her personality (selfish, annoying, manipulative, childish, rude, abusive, and that's only when she's around her brother) and not watch the rest of the series because of that.

    1. I forgot to add, bossy and impatient.

    2. She even goes so far as to make her brother skip work just so he can help her win that doll, then ditch him in the hopes that he wins if she lost.

    3. Hi there! Sorry I took so long to reply back! My bad! I know, what you mean. Anime is meant to be escapism and exaggerated so I can handle watching her character be a brat, but I think it's an issue when I see people glorifying Umaru's abusive personality traits... it's a fun and silly series, but I can see why it could turn some people off if they prefer more serious genres.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. What advice do you have for anyone who might feel the same way about the way she behaves around her brother?

    6. I think if it was in a real life situation then it's not a healthy relationship.
      While Umaru does care for her brother, it doesn't excuse such behaviour, the whole thing is played up for humour in the anime , which is why Taihei is written to just accept it continuously. I think that if somebody felt that they could relate to Taihei, then they need to talk out about how they feel or try to cut ties if the relationship feels toxic. I'm not totally sure if I understood your question though haha.

    7. I meant, what advice could you give people who watch this show to understand Umaru better and why she behaves that way?


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