[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 3

Sunday, 30 August 2015


The third episode is titled

Umaru and Her Student  



Welcome to another weekly review of Himouto Umaru-chan.
Episode 2 focused on Umaru’s friendship with Ebina-chan and taking a similar route – Umaru’s relations with another classmate is explored, Kirie Motoba.
Kirie isn’t a friend of Umaru and often can be seen looking at Umaru at the back of the class, whilst the rest of her peers praise Umaru for her smart studies and good looks, Kirie is in the shadows lingering with a dark aura.
 Other pupils in the school comment about how scary Kirie is and how she’s often seen staring at Umaru as is if she’s jealous or plotting against her.

Umaru, while trying to downplay her perfect image tells Ebina of how she’s lost her student ID card, and how her clumsy habit should help Ebina to feel more confident, after saying their goodbyes, Umaru comes home to an empty house and unleashes her chibi mode and relaxes with her games. With a knock on the door, Umaru expects to find her brother but instead Kirie witnesses perfect Umaru Doma, as her real self, a NEET girl Otaku.
 Umaru is in a sticky situation but when Kirie mistakes Umaru for her little sister, Umaru goes along with it and pretends that she’s Komaru and her big sister Umaru is simply not at home.
Kirie enjoys spending time with “Komaru” as she feels more confident along younger people, but also we learn that Kirie is also using this time together to plan on becoming closer to Umaru, whilst Umaru is secretly enjoying somebody pandering to her selfish needs. 
All in all, Kirie is a misunderstood character. She’s not as scary as people think.

For the next part of the episode, we see Umaru watch The Grudge with her older brother, who later goes to the store afterwards. Left home alone, Umaru gets scared when the power goes out and greets Taihei with a hug once he returns. 
As usual, Umaru in her chibi mode, pretends that scary films are nothing to be scared over, while we know that Umaru in her normal form, was scared and vulnerable, something that we don’t often see.

I pretty much enjoyed the episode as I find Himouto Umaru-chan less predictable than other series, but the second half revolving around a horror film did puzzle me. 
I felt that this episode would have suited well to be aired during Halloween and it struck me as odd and misplaced. The episode felt like one short episode and a special clip hashed together.
 Kirie’s story wasn’t as emotive as Ebina-chan’s and compared to last episode, it was a let down and there could have been more potential.

Thank you for reading!!
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