[REVIEW♡] Is the Order a Rabbit? - Episode 1

Friday, 14 August 2015

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?

With the news of a second season coming up in fall of "Is the Order a Rabbit?" I thought this was a perfect opportunity to start reviewing the first season. Adapted by White Fox studio, this first season is short and cheerful with 12 episodes.

The series name is often shortened to Gochiusa which is what I'll be using for this review!!

Episode Hop One

"I Knew at First Glance That It Was No Ordinary Fluffball"

Gochiusa is great to watch in order to relax and wind down after a long day. There’s hardly any action as it is a slice of life and the interactions between the characters end up warming your heart.

Also the anime is about rabbits and cafés. Who doesn't like hot beverages and rabbits?

The first episode begins with Cocoa, she’s moved into this city and begins to work and stay at the rabbit café. Luckily for Cocoa, there’s another girl – Chino who also works at this place. Chino is the owner’s granddaughter and tells us of how her grandfather has gone missing. We learn pretty quickly where her dear old grandfather is, which is a hilarious plot twist.

Cocoa has a “little sister complex” and wants Chino to identify herself as Cocoa’s younger sister. Chino on the other hand has no interest and appears to fulfill the shy loli stereotype. The great thing about this show’s writing is that, well, there are shoujo-ai undertones but it’s pretty much how you interpret it. Not all types of love has to be lustful.

In terms of the first episode, there isn’t that much that happens. This is a slice of life after all! But it shouldn’t stop you from watching the rest of the series, as there is very solid moments of humor and character development.

The opening and ending music is pretty forgettable, this is where this series falls down for me personally.
The opening song is "Daydream Café" performed by the female cast, aka "Petit Cafe" and the ending song is "Poppin' Jump♪" by the minor cast members. 
The opening song is pretty cute as the lyrics are about a shyful love and with mentions of hopping and fluffy things.

 The voice acting however is top quality. The cast has some reputable names and some lesser known, however each character has their own style. Whilst the OST may be forgettable, the voice acting makes up for this.

Gochiusa is about young girls working at a café, meaning that most scenes are set inside various café establishments. For this reason the animation is really well done, the scenery is beautiful but this may be due to the lack of various landscapes. Each café has a certain style and the animation helps to out the charms of each café.

The character designs are pretty much like a mahou shoujo anime. Every girl is assigned to a different colour but they all look different and resemble their personality well.
However for the first episode we only get to meet the main characters, Rize, Chino and Cocoa.
Main girl Cocoa is pink of course, as standard.

Each character has their own quirks and running gags, due to their different personalities. For example, Rize has a high devotion towards military, which is alarming and hilarious at the same time! The introduction of Tippy as a mascot works really well too. Also, by now I hope you've managed to realise that these girls are named after beverages. The show does have some scenes of fan service shots but this is mostly integrated into context.

To summarise:

Gochiusa is perfect if you want a relaxing slice of life with quick witty humor. And if you have a sweet tooth for cute things...

Each character has a different personality but all of them get along and have their own running gags. The humor is not too forced which is great. There’s hardly any action as it is a slice of life and the interactions between the characters end up warming your heart. There are some undertones of fanservice and shoujo-ai but this is something that can be interpreted as innocent sisterly bonds.

Next week I'll be posting my thoughts on episode two, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

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