[REVIEW] Is the Order a Rabbit? - Episode 2

Friday, 21 August 2015
Welcome to another weekly review of "Is the Order a Rabbit?"

Episode Hop 2

The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Loved by Azuki Beans


This week I'll be reviewing episode two which starts with a quick recap of what happened previously in the first episode. If you haven't read my review of episode 1 then click here.

After the cute opening titles we get to see main girl Cocoa trying on her school uniform. 
She's just moved into this town so she'll be starting a new school too!
 Which means we'll hopefully get to see life outside of The Rabbit House. Chino is also heading off to school and meets her friends, which helps for us to understand the differences between the characters, as each has a different uniform.
 Rize has a smart looking uniform and Chino's uniform shows that she's only in middle school even though she helps at the restaurant.

Rize notices that Cocoa is getting herself lost, running round and round in circles.
 Luckily for Cocoa she ends up finding some wild rabbits. I like how the backgrounds are always well drawn, but sometimes the animation for the characters can look downgraded in comparison.

A new character appears in this episode - Chiya. She finds Cocoa admiring the cute little rabbits and it's no surprise that she is also a lover of rabbits. She makes rabbit latte art and wears a little rabbit badge on her bag. The rabbit appearances in this anime really ends up melting your heart.

Chiya's character design immediately strikes out in comparison to the girls of The Rabbit House who have barrista uniforms. 
She wears a kimono which displays her traditional Yamato nadeshiko persona.
 I personally find it hard not to like Chiya, her personality reminds me of Mami from Madoka Magica, a gentle heart and is always trying to help her friends. 

Cocoa invites Chiya over to the rabbit house for everyone to make bread which is a nice relaxing activity for this episode. It's fun to see Rize and Chiya interact, a military otaku together with a nationalistic maiden.
 Each girl is making a different type of bread, and Chino has opted to make bread of her granddad and Cocoa is making Tippy buns.
 The Tippy buns looked pretty cute but hilariously, not so much when they're being eaten.

Tippy is established to be a female angora rabbit however the girls cannot decide on what animal he is, the idea that nobody can seem to hear Tippy's old man internal thoughts makes for some funny moments throughout the episode.

Chiya's restaurant is also rabbit themed, with a strangely titled menu. It's established that it's also a rival with The Rabbit House, evident due to Anko (the brown rabbit) and Tippy's relationship. However, for the girls such a business rivalry is not present - this is slice of life after all! 

The episode focused mostly on the interactions between Cocoa and Chiya as we are being introduced to a new character.
 Chiya compliments Cocoa's name, which isn't a surprise, and Chiya's name is originated from Uji Matcha
 Chiya is very loving to Cocoa, who has a sister complex towards Chino, this could be the start of a love triangle which would be great for comedy.

Unfortunately there wasn't much focus on Rize which was a shame and Chino's hair colour appeared to be lilac in this episode which could be an error as I thought it was originally light blue. 
As mentioned before, the animation for the characters seem to be lesser quality in comparison to the backgrounds. Rize's eyes often appear to be drawn slightly strange, it doesn't deter from enjoying the episode but Cocoa also falls victim to strange drawing frames.

I'll be posting a review of episode 3 next week so stay tuned!!

Thank you for reading!

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