[REVIEW] Is the Order a Rabbit? - Episode 3

Friday, 28 August 2015
Welcome to another weekly review of "Is the Order a Rabbit?"

Episode Hop 3

Do You Remember the First Day You Got Drunk?

 You Tried to Light a Campfire in Your Own Home, Didn't You?



This week I'll be reviewing Episode three, which introduces us to Sharo, another waitress and the final main character.
 The beginning has us follow the “Rabbit House” girls who are shopping for mugs, following the idea of placing Tippy inside a large cup. 
Whilst shopping for cups, Cocoa bumps into Sharo similar to a typical shoujo manga – both looking at the same cup and Cocoa’s love for Sharo blossoms.
 Unfortunately for Cocoa, Sharo only has eyes for Rize, her school friend meaning that for Sharo, becoming part of the Rabbit Café clique is no issue. Sharo buys couple cups for her and Rize.

Teaware is discussed and Sharo seems to be an expert on the subject, causing others to assume that Sharo is a wealthy student, which isn’t exactly the case…
 Sharo is already acquainted with Chiya (who was introduced in episode 2) as well since they live next door. 
Once Chiya gets handed a lewd leaflet by Sharo, Chiya runs to the girls at the Rabbit House to spread the news and attempt to infiltrate this dodgy establishment

Once they reach their destination - Fleur de Lapin, our café girls find Sharo in a bunny maid costume. After deflecting their intentions of spying on their friend, the girls order some herbal tea and Sharo gives them explanations on the benefits of herbal tea.

The next part of the episode features Sharo and Chiya both visiting the Rabbit House, but with the stormy weather there’s no other option but to host a sleepover. Chiya and Sharo get to have a heart to heart in the bathtub together discussing the past.
 Elsewhere, Rize and Cocoa both end up trying on Chino’s middle school uniform. The idea of a sleepover is nerve wrecking for Sharo, who is aiming to impress her idol – Rize and is worried that appearing in cutesy pajamas borrowed by Chino may damage Rize’s view of her.

Chiya asses that the situation needs some ghost stories as any sleepover would. Chino’s attempts of a ghost story falls flat as everybody predicts the ending – Tippy being the ghost. Where as, Chiya is the one with a talent for scaring others. Her ghost story ends up frightening the other girls so much that they have trouble sleeping. Sharo and Rize begin to bond in the middle of the night as both are too scared to walk in the dark.

I thought the episode was well done and similar to episode 2, where we met Chiya but the ending felt a bit flat as there was no cliffhanger.
 The interactions between Sharo and Rize was nice to watch and I like the plot twist of Sharo appearing to be from a rich family when in reality she is dreaming about sales. I felt this plot twist was revealed too soon into the series though.

Now with all of the main girls being introduced, the next episodes of Is the Order a Rabbit should be much more fun to watch!
Thank you for reading!
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