[REVIEW♡] KTC Jasmine Scented Hair Oil

Tuesday, 4 August 2015
Hi everyone!

Today I'll be doing a review of
"KTC Jasmine Scented Hair Oil" that I recently purchased.

For the past few years I've been researching a lot about skincare however I recently decided to focus my attention more onto haircare.

Jasmine oil is one of many oils that is recommended for hair care regimes so I picked up a bottle for a review!

I paid £2.00 for 500ml however there is a 250ml size available for £1

Such a low price for this product can seem to good to be true. At first I was doubtful that it would work... but still ACV and Baking Soda are cheap but are known to work wonders!

Anyway... this product was pretty much a waste of time and money.
The bottle I had here didn't include ingredients but a bit of research shows that it contains both Paraffinium Liquidium and Parfum.
As a result this product is simply jasmine scented oil as the oil is mostly liquid paraffin, meaning that it is mineral oil... hardly similar to pure Jasmine oil.

It smells nice once opened however this product ended up leaving my hair feeling heavy and greasy when I applied and washed the product out.

Even when I applied only the tiniest amount of this oil to my hair, washing it out of my hair was hard and in the end I ended up regretting trying this product out.

I would suggest another alternative to trying to give your locks a luscious fragrance.

Maybe spraying your hairbrush with a chosen fragrance oil would be a better idea, but I wouldn't recommend this oil.

Thank you for reading!! ^-^
2 comments on "[REVIEW♡] KTC Jasmine Scented Hair Oil "
  1. Thank you for sharing. Just saved me from making a wrong choice. 'cos I wondered why jasmine oil will be so cheap for so little a price here.


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