[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 5

Sunday, 13 September 2015

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I've been thinking about the format of my blog posts and reviewing one episode at a time has become more and more difficult with my schedule. I wish to review some shows that have a high episode count and doing 1 episode per review, rewatching episodes and getting screencaps is more time consuming than it is worth.

My blog posts will also be getting shorter and shorter... I hope! 

After I've finished reviewing Himouto! Umaru-Chan and Is the Order a rabbit? I will be posting series reviews from now on. 
I'll also have some figure reviews to be sharing with you all too!! ^_^


The fifth episode is titled

Umaru and Summer Vacation うまると夏休み 

Welcome to another weekly review of Himouto Umaru-chan.

Now that we've been properly introduced to all characters, the series starts to slow down. This episode didn't seem to live up to the previous episodes as too much happened and there was less laugh out loud moments. 

The episode deals with the summer holiday which means we get to see Umaru interact with all of her friends. Umaru (I mean UMR) goes to a game arcade with Sylphynford.
 There is a touching sign of friendship between the pair. Unfortunately for Sylphynford, she is not yet aware of her already established friendship between Umaru. 

Kirie and Ebina also go out shopping with Umaru, this occurs after Taihei complains about the lack of decent clothes in her wardrobe, it's all just the hamster cloaks - which are very cute. 

COSPA are releasing their own set, and while you can buy an unoffical hamster cloak on ebay, the quality is questionable.
 I've been debating whether to buy one, so let me know what you think about the hamster cloaks!

"Komaru" also Kirie spend time together enjoying the hot weather with Kirie fantasising about going to the beach with "Master Komaru" the two of them end up falling asleep until Taihei arrives home from work.

Umaru later takes part in a pampering bath session - including, games, snacks and magazines. 
Fizzy bubble baths are what she loves and ends up indulging herself too much with the bath bombs.

The next day, Taihei gives his little sister some money to cover the costs of buying clothes. As a typical nerd, Umaru is thinking about the opportunity cost involved with the outfits on sale. Buying a dress? How much coke can she buy instead? Or Monster Fantasy 5? I'll let you guess which was picked out of the three.

The last part of the episode focuses more on Taihei and his life at work. It's interesting to see his work life and the interactions between his colleagues, which becomes more important further on into the series. Bomber and Alex (as seen in Episode 4), question Taihei on his cooking and ask about his personal life, thinking that he has a girlfriend. Actually, he's just a guy who enjoys cooking - and the only girl waiting for him at home is simply his spoiled manipulative sister.

That's all for this episode.
Stay tuned for Episode 6 next sunday!

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 4

Sunday, 6 September 2015


The fourth episode is titled

Umaru and Her Rival

Welcome to another weekly review of Himouto Umaru-chan.

Episode 4 features Umaru's rival - Sylphynford "Sylphine" Tachibana who has been challenging Umaru to battle through any possible means. School tests, tennis matches until this time Sylphynford meets Umaru who is undercover as UMR.

If you remember that Chibi Umaru mentioned browsing wiki articles about herself back in episode 1 then it's given that these articles were about her UMR alias. 
A pro and expert gamer who even the arcade staff are aware of, so much that they try countless attempts to stop UMR from winning arcade game prizes.

Back at home, Taihei shows off a present given to him by a work college, Alex. Umaru finds this porcelain akabeko unappealing due to it's western style origins and being an otaku. 
Home alone, Umaru is playing out a pokemon scenario with her hamsters and the nodding cat ornament which gets smashed. Umaru begins to freak out over how her brother will react. With Steins;gate references, she manages to fix the ornament but once whose money was used to pay for all of these tools? 
You guessed right - Taihei

Next day, Umaru is preparing her skills at a fighting game "space stream" in order to compete at a tournament as UMR. Taihei comes along and bumps into his colleuge, Alex. 
Elsewhere, UMR has managed to make it into the finals and is faced against none other but Sylphynford. With a tough match between the two, showing just how much Sylphine works hard in order to win.
 The question is why does Sylphine want to win so badly? Unlike the other competitors, Sylphine doesn't hide her identity showing that she's after recognition. 
This episode manages to give us a different perspective of Sylphynford, she just seems to want recognition and when she notices Alex looking at her whilst she is on stage battling UMR, she makes a quick escape. 
At this point, UMR becomes winner by default.

The episode ends with Umaru beginning to understand Sylphine a lot better after the match and hopefully friendship can begin to blossom between the two.

Overall, this episode was good, filled with references and skits which were funny but it was actually Sylphine's interactions which heavily delivered humour. Her character showed a different side which has been the case for all of the girls in the cast and hopefully after this episode we can see her develop further with how she gets along with Alex. 
The introduction of UMR was what saved this episode as well, there was less screen time of "chibi umaru" and as I've been mentioning previously, I think the series could be spoiled by too much of her bratty nature.
 Her character at school and at tournaments does display a Mary sSue nature but interestingly enough, it seemed apparent that Sylphine would have beaten Umaru (UMR) if she didn't let herself get embarrassed. 
On a downnote, Umaru's voice acting seemed simply too calm for the finals of a tournament against somebody who could have also discovered her otaku lifestyle. Because of this, I felt that UMR felt more similar to "School girl Umaru" rather than "Chibi Umaru"

Thank you for reading!
See you next Sunday for my review of episode 5 of "Himouto! Umaru-chan"!

[REVIEW] Is the Order a Rabbit? - Episode 4

Friday, 4 September 2015

Welcome to another weekly friday review of "Is the Order a Rabbit?"

Episode Hop4

Your Lucky Items are Vegetables, Crime, and Punishment


The episode opens up with Cocoa and Chino eating breakfast together. Cocoa as "big sister" reminds Chino to eat her celery, but Chino nonchalantly calls out her hypocrisy and reminds Cocoa that she didn't even touch her tomato juice. 
With Cocoa being her usual cheery self, she reminds Chino that eating vegetables is important to grow taller - and carrying Tippy on her head could be a hindrance.

At school, Chino inquires from her classmates, Maya Joga and Megu Natsu, on how she can grow taller. 
I really enjoy these school scenes as we get to see our main girl interact with people her own age and feel more relaxed outside of "The Rabbit House".  Also, we get to see more depth to Chino's personality, she's worried about her height and is

The suggestions include jumping and eating bananas which brings some comedy humor to the episode.

Next day, our Rabbit House girls attempt to carry out fortune telling - barista style
  Chino is only experienced with fortune telling with... cappuccinos (Ba dum tssshhh!)
Cocoa's fortunes end up being a bit too much off the mark, so Tippy tries to do a better job, and hilariously hits a nerve with Rize.

Chiya, after hearing the news of the fortune telling offers to read Cocoa's palm. 
Sadly, Chiya is also clueless about fortunes and fails to warn Cocoa of the bad luck haunting her today such as Anko dropping out of the sky to ruin her lunch and a water bucket falling down. 

Add caption

With such bad luck, Chiya decides to visit Sharo's cafe and the day takes the turn for a worse for Sharo - she's sworn enemies with Chiya's rabbit, Anko which has led to a phobia of rabbits.
On their day off, our the cafe girls head to the library to study, except for Chino, who has come to look for a book she once read as a child. A book about a rabbit who wanted to teach the bad guy a lesson and ended up involving an innocent bystander.

We also learn from Chiya that Sharo got into her school through a full scholarship, causing Chino and Cocoa to praise her even more. The library scenes help to bring some needed interactions between the characters at a more serious level outside of their respective cafes. 
With talk about studies and keeping secrets from friends. Sharo gets to share her worries to Chiya and Cocoa helps to make Chino happy by attempting to find the book she loved as a child.

All in all, this episode was good... but after the last few episodes this one ended up being sadly forgettable as not much happens and the comedy is just not as striking as in other episodes. There was much more of a focus on Chino's character, but still... Sharo seems to be the most developed cast member.

While I enjoy seeing interactions between Sharo/Cocoa/Chiya, I hope the series doesn't carry on with mainly these three, as I think it would be great to see how Rize and Chiya bond together, a traditional young maiden and a military otaku together is such an interesting combination! 

Thank you for reading! 
See you next friday!

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