[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 4

Sunday, 6 September 2015


The fourth episode is titled

Umaru and Her Rival

Welcome to another weekly review of Himouto Umaru-chan.

Episode 4 features Umaru's rival - Sylphynford "Sylphine" Tachibana who has been challenging Umaru to battle through any possible means. School tests, tennis matches until this time Sylphynford meets Umaru who is undercover as UMR.

If you remember that Chibi Umaru mentioned browsing wiki articles about herself back in episode 1 then it's given that these articles were about her UMR alias. 
A pro and expert gamer who even the arcade staff are aware of, so much that they try countless attempts to stop UMR from winning arcade game prizes.

Back at home, Taihei shows off a present given to him by a work college, Alex. Umaru finds this porcelain akabeko unappealing due to it's western style origins and being an otaku. 
Home alone, Umaru is playing out a pokemon scenario with her hamsters and the nodding cat ornament which gets smashed. Umaru begins to freak out over how her brother will react. With Steins;gate references, she manages to fix the ornament but once whose money was used to pay for all of these tools? 
You guessed right - Taihei

Next day, Umaru is preparing her skills at a fighting game "space stream" in order to compete at a tournament as UMR. Taihei comes along and bumps into his colleuge, Alex. 
Elsewhere, UMR has managed to make it into the finals and is faced against none other but Sylphynford. With a tough match between the two, showing just how much Sylphine works hard in order to win.
 The question is why does Sylphine want to win so badly? Unlike the other competitors, Sylphine doesn't hide her identity showing that she's after recognition. 
This episode manages to give us a different perspective of Sylphynford, she just seems to want recognition and when she notices Alex looking at her whilst she is on stage battling UMR, she makes a quick escape. 
At this point, UMR becomes winner by default.

The episode ends with Umaru beginning to understand Sylphine a lot better after the match and hopefully friendship can begin to blossom between the two.

Overall, this episode was good, filled with references and skits which were funny but it was actually Sylphine's interactions which heavily delivered humour. Her character showed a different side which has been the case for all of the girls in the cast and hopefully after this episode we can see her develop further with how she gets along with Alex. 
The introduction of UMR was what saved this episode as well, there was less screen time of "chibi umaru" and as I've been mentioning previously, I think the series could be spoiled by too much of her bratty nature.
 Her character at school and at tournaments does display a Mary sSue nature but interestingly enough, it seemed apparent that Sylphine would have beaten Umaru (UMR) if she didn't let herself get embarrassed. 
On a downnote, Umaru's voice acting seemed simply too calm for the finals of a tournament against somebody who could have also discovered her otaku lifestyle. Because of this, I felt that UMR felt more similar to "School girl Umaru" rather than "Chibi Umaru"

Thank you for reading!
See you next Sunday for my review of episode 5 of "Himouto! Umaru-chan"!

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