[REVIEW] Himouto! Umaru Chan - EPISODE 5

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hi Everyone.

I've been thinking about the format of my blog posts and reviewing one episode at a time has become more and more difficult with my schedule. I wish to review some shows that have a high episode count and doing 1 episode per review, rewatching episodes and getting screencaps is more time consuming than it is worth.

My blog posts will also be getting shorter and shorter... I hope! 

After I've finished reviewing Himouto! Umaru-Chan and Is the Order a rabbit? I will be posting series reviews from now on. 
I'll also have some figure reviews to be sharing with you all too!! ^_^


The fifth episode is titled

Umaru and Summer Vacation うまると夏休み 

Welcome to another weekly review of Himouto Umaru-chan.

Now that we've been properly introduced to all characters, the series starts to slow down. This episode didn't seem to live up to the previous episodes as too much happened and there was less laugh out loud moments. 

The episode deals with the summer holiday which means we get to see Umaru interact with all of her friends. Umaru (I mean UMR) goes to a game arcade with Sylphynford.
 There is a touching sign of friendship between the pair. Unfortunately for Sylphynford, she is not yet aware of her already established friendship between Umaru. 

Kirie and Ebina also go out shopping with Umaru, this occurs after Taihei complains about the lack of decent clothes in her wardrobe, it's all just the hamster cloaks - which are very cute. 

COSPA are releasing their own set, and while you can buy an unoffical hamster cloak on ebay, the quality is questionable.
 I've been debating whether to buy one, so let me know what you think about the hamster cloaks!

"Komaru" also Kirie spend time together enjoying the hot weather with Kirie fantasising about going to the beach with "Master Komaru" the two of them end up falling asleep until Taihei arrives home from work.

Umaru later takes part in a pampering bath session - including, games, snacks and magazines. 
Fizzy bubble baths are what she loves and ends up indulging herself too much with the bath bombs.

The next day, Taihei gives his little sister some money to cover the costs of buying clothes. As a typical nerd, Umaru is thinking about the opportunity cost involved with the outfits on sale. Buying a dress? How much coke can she buy instead? Or Monster Fantasy 5? I'll let you guess which was picked out of the three.

The last part of the episode focuses more on Taihei and his life at work. It's interesting to see his work life and the interactions between his colleagues, which becomes more important further on into the series. Bomber and Alex (as seen in Episode 4), question Taihei on his cooking and ask about his personal life, thinking that he has a girlfriend. Actually, he's just a guy who enjoys cooking - and the only girl waiting for him at home is simply his spoiled manipulative sister.

That's all for this episode.
Stay tuned for Episode 6 next sunday!

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