[REVIEW] No7 Youthful Glycolic Peel Kit

Thursday, 3 September 2015



Youthful Glycolic Peel Kit



I bought this kit from Boots a few months ago to treat myself after getting my exam results. I got it on sale for £15 which wasn't too shabby - the full price is £25

The kit comes with three stages and instructions

  1. Glycolic Peel - 10% glycolic acid and 0.5% glucono delta lactone
  2. Post Peel Neutraliser - Glycerin and skin restoring pro-vitamin B5
  3. Calming Recovery Balm - The blend of emollients, ceramides and shea butter helps to improve your skin’s protective barrier, while white lupin peptides and extracts of liquorice and chestnut help calm redness

The Glycolic Peel comes in small vials and one vial is used for one treatment. I found it hard to cover my face evenly with the gel.

I applied the Gel from one of the small vials and tried to spread it evenly on my face. For a first time user, this kit is easy and straightforward but somebody who is used to Peel kits may prefer their gel to be in one bottle rather than 12 small vials. 

After waiting for 10-15 minutes, I wash my face with the Neutraliser to remove the gel and then apply the Calming Recovery Balm.

A bonus is that the Recovery Balm can be used after the full month treatment if you have the product left over. 

Personally, I prefer to use this kit on a night and then apply SPF sun cream in the morning - with this treatment your skin is much more sensitive to the sun.

I noticed that immediately after using the kit, my skin looks and feels much smoother! After a few days - not as smooth. What I noticed after using the kit is that my skin appeared to be less red too. 
Nothing amazing happened to my skin, maybe because I'm not old enough to receive such "younger looking skin" but my skin definitely did look brighter, softer and smoother after using this kit. I bought the kit to remove evidence of past acne which I believe that it did. 
With only 10% strength it's great for first-time users as it won't be too harsh on the skin.  
If after the one month of treatment there is product still left over, you can carry on with the treatment after waiting another month. 

Have you ever tried a peel kit before? If so, let me know! If not, then what's holding you back? ^_^

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