[TUTORIAL] Soul Eater Cosplay Maka Albarn's School Outfit Costume

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hi everyone!

As mentioned in my previous post, for Manchester MCM 2015 I was finally able to debut my Soul Eater Maka Cosplay!!

I another post previously on how I made the scythe - here

First of all I want to explain on how I made this costume. Some items were bought, some was made. I wanted to cosplay Maka but I didn't want to purchase the whole outfit as that felt like giving up on a challenge I had set myself. I also want to note that I didn't own a sewing machine when I made this cosplay so all of my sewing was done by hand which took hours. This took me a roughly week to complete.

I'm going to go through each part separately
  • Shirt and Tie
  • School Jumper
  • Skirt
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Wig


I bought a £4 shirt from Primark for the shirt. A white shirt is a staple piece for every wardrobe so I would recommend getting one if you already don't.

I bought a green tie and then used sellotape to create stripes using white fabric paint. I made each stripe to be 2cm in width for every 5cm. A small emery board can be used to compare each white stripe for accuracy if you're a perfectionist - like me. However, painting white onto polyster material and fabric that is already coloured can be a total pain. I actually just bought an offical school uniform tie on ebay for £4.

School Jumper

The school jumper that Maka wears is very cute and I tried to find one looking around thrift shops but I wasn't able to find one. I also tried bidding on ebay but in the end I bought this Cosplay School Vest on Aliexpress

I would love to somehow incorporate this into my smart casual wardrobe, for those that love nanchatte fashion or cosplaying school uniform characters, I'd totally recommend getting this jumper.


The skirt again was also bought from aliexpress. I wanted to make this skirt myself but I wasn't sure of how a handmade skirt would look in contrast to the store bought items. I would most likely have to pattern the fabric myself which would probably be more expensive and I didn't feel comfortable enough to try it out with my lack of sewing experience when I found a pre-made alternative.

Maka's skirt is red with black lined stripes. Some cosplayers use a tartan skirt but I personally felt this would be inaccurate for Maka.

I got compliments on this skirt when wearing it outside since the fabric is very suited for winter weather. This skirt can be reused with other wardrobe items which is a big bonus for me.


Her character's tie has the first three white stripes visible on her uniform below the tie knot.
 The tie I made myself with using a green tie and white fabric paint. I painted a 2cm stripe throughout the tie and each with a 5cm gap. 

I used cellotape to stop the paint from bleeding outside of the lines. It's difficult to paint on polyster fabic from my experience. So I scrapped this idea and bought one from an offical company on ebay.


Left - First attempt Right - Second attempt

I bought some black wellington boots from Primark for £8 these are a size 4.
I also bought Two Rectangular Silver Buckles from Abakhan.
I cut the boots down to make them shorter, sanded them down.
The leftover black leather from the wellington boots was used to make the black circles for the outside of the boots.

For the white belt pieces, I used in total 3 skinny white belts, and cut them up into strips. Using glue to attach pieces onto rubber material is a tough job. I opted for double sided tape but sometimes the grip was lost since I was moving around all day.


I bought some white gloves on ebay. The cotton material fits well for Maka as official merchandise also uses cotton material. I didn't bother to sew the grey etchings onto the gloves as it is only a minor detail. However, white cotton gloves seems strange to me - shouldn't she use leather gloves for holding a scythe?


Buying a blazer and buying the extension material

I bought this blazer for £5 from Primark. It was a good price as it should have been £20. Another option is to buy a blazer from thrift shops as most of them will have a good selection of blazers.
I bought Poplin Cotton Black material from Abakhan which was roughly £5 and 100cm x 100cm.

I took the blazer to the store in order to match the material side by side before purchase. Poplin is quite a thin material compared to a blazer, which I'll mention later.
I also bought a small section White Poplin Material for £2 and 4 buttons which resembled screw tops. This is for the cuffs.
As well, I purchased an a4 sheet of foamboard for 60p from a local craftstore.

Extending a premade blazer

Fold the black material into two and place it onto the floor with your blazer.
Measure out your own pattern of the length you want to attach onto the blazer and pin it into place with seam allowance.  I posted the pattern made for my own jacket. The lengths can be altered to match with own frame.
Firstly pin the black material onto the bottom of the jacket and sew them together from the inside.
Pin each of the three sides left.
Sew the two sides of the black material together next and then finally sew the bottom section last.

You can also add interfacing to the bottom of the jacket in order to help keep the jacket stiff. I used thin interfacing as it was the only type available at the local market. I was told that I can add another layer of interfacing if I need any extra sturdiness. The interfacing is ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric, with the shiny (sticky) side of interfacing pressed against the fabric. If you're unsure, hold the interfacing close to light.

After the length was added to the jacket, I sewed together shoulder pads onto the inside. I used these ones in particular £1.19 Shoulder Pads from Abakhan

I needed two button holes on my jacket, so I made one myself and then simply sewed the buttons on.

Jacket Cuffs

For the white cuffs of the jacket you want to measure out how wide you want them to to be across the jacket sleeve. Maka's outfit has her cuff extended so it sticks out. For this, take your white material
Fold the white material in half and cut two equal lengths of white material to make the collar and sew it onto the blazer, make sure it's nice and hemmed.

Cut out two small rectangles of foamboard that will accurately align with the width of the collar, onto your left over white material. Cut the left over material again into two equal sections for each collar attachment.

Draw out the template onto the white material and fold the other side of the white material over the foamboard. Pin this into place.
The white material should cover the foamboard and then sew along all the four lines.

Repeat this step for the other white material section that was cut out.

Hot glue gun the button onto the nylon covered piece of foamboard.
Lastly, sew the extra cuff attachment onto the white sleeve cuff that is already attached to the jacket.

And the jacket is done!



 I previously used a linen blonde wig for Maka as I wanted to create her pigtails in a more realistic interpretation. However, tying ponytails onto wigs can be bothersome. My head ended up hurting quite easily shortly after wearing the wig because of the weight. I ended up buying a wig with clip on ponytails to solve this problem, as seen in these photos! 

Completed cosplay!

Thank you for reading!
If you have any questions then comment below and I'll try to reply to them as soon as possible!

7 comments on "[TUTORIAL] Soul Eater Cosplay Maka Albarn's School Outfit Costume"
  1. I really love this tutorial :D thanks for showing it

    1. No problem!! Hope it was of use to you ^-^

  2. Thank you soooo much this is gonna help me a bunch!!! :a :e :h

  3. Did you use any makeup at all?? I'm planning for a Maka cosplay and am writing what I need down

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I used an every day make up look, but I also used false eyelashes, green circle lenses and contouring which is what I'd recommend mostly for Maka's look. Hope this helps!

  4. How did you get the cuff to sew on nicely? I've made one similar, using sturdy cardboard inside rather than foam, but I can't sew it on without it being really noticeable. Do you have any tips for this?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I hand stitched the cuff, back when I made this and left a seam allowance inside. If you have a sewing machine, I would definitely recommend sandwiching a layer of craft foam in between the white fabric to hold the shape and a clean look while sewing. It's a method I've been using lately for projects and it's worked really well.


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