[REVIEW] Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA Banpresto A Prize Figure

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Fate/kaleid liner 


Banpresto A Prize Figure 


I’m going to be doing a review of this Prisma Illya figurine that I bought. Illya is the main character of Fate Kaleid Liner, and is an alternative universe form of Illya from the Fate Stay Night series. She’s now a magical girl, equipped with her weapon, magical ruby.

This is my first video recording attempt so apologies for any focusing issues.

I saw a photo of the figurine on tumblr a while ago and I thought the character design was pretty cute, so I ended up watching Fate Kaleid Liner and then afterwards I wanted to add her to my magical girl figure collection and I snagged her for 2500 yen on Mandrake. 

I only got her by chance by spelling Illya with one L instead of two... which is a good trick for finding figures!

Getting her for the normal market price seemed like a bargain as I haven’t seen many other sellers for this figurine - besides a few £90 listings on ebay!!

All together with shipping and handling the cost was roughly 4000 yen. 
£23 which is a typical prize figure cost you would probably find at a convention anyway.
I went for the cheapest shipping option, which was £8 out of the £23 total and she arrived in 14 days in a cardboard box complete with the mandarake logo.

The paintwork is pretty nice, not perfect, but a few flaws are to be expected with every prize figure. The shades of pink used for Illya work nicely together and the pink gradient effect on the cape is probably my favorite part.

 Her face looks good and is a good representation her anime form, which I personally prefer moreso than Manga style Illya. 

Her winking face and the pose makes her look more unique when stood next to other prized figurines. 

There’s quite a lot of detail to her sculpture, as her pose is slanted and fits Illya well, this also helps to make her stand out amongst other figures.

The surprising thing about this A Prize figure is that Illya comes in different parts.
She has some white panties which have little white bows on them, something is more common in scaled figurines and considering Fate Kaleid/Liner has lots of fanservice, this hardly feels out of place. The petticoat and skirt layers can also come off as well as the top half of Illya.

The stand looks pretty cool, I like how there is just Illya’s name written and the white and pink work pretty well, in contrast to Furyu's attempt of Prisma Illya.

 The wand is also detachable which is neat but since she can’t do any other poses it’s a bit of a shame, but still nice as other prize figurines don't allow this option.

 She’s really cute and a nice addition for my magical girl collection, her height fits well my current collection but she definitely stands out due to her pose and the amazing bright shades of pink used.
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