[OCTOBER HAUL] ANIME FIGURES (Magical Girls & School Idols Edition!)

Monday, 2 November 2015

Now that October is over, I decided to do my very first haul! ^-^ In total, I've got five figures to share with you! I usually would not buy these many figures for one month, however there was a few reasons why I ended up with this many.
 As I mentioned in a previous post... I went to Play Expo and bought two figures, had one release pushed back, snagged another, and one was given to me as a present.

Recently I've been hooked on the "Fate" series, and I'm planning to do a series review (keep tuned!!) and Tousaka Rin became one of my favorite characters! 

This figure here is a Banpresto and GSC collaboration. The pose for this Rin emulates her character's playful personality quite well.

The base is quite thick and a plain black colour but looking at Rin, her main colours are dark shades with a striking blood red sweater, so a black base surprisingly works to highlight Rin rather than distract. 
 The pose and face reminds me of Clayz own take on Rin.

Which is quite interesting, but banpresto made a better sculpture overall, the face detail really is the best part! This figure is surprising big!  The sculpture is good, the outline of the clothes is probably the best part for me. The quality starts to decline when it comes to the paintwork. I saw people commenting about this so I was somewhat nervous about buying this... but for my own figure… the paintwork is sloppy around the legs, which seems to be a common issue however since her thigh highs are black it's less noticeable. 

This figure looks really nice, but it does remind you of that game prizes are cheaper for a reason.
The shoes are really detailed and the additional of her command seal on her hand was such a nice touch!

I'm a sucker for Sailor Moon merchandise, especially figures and I've seen many of these game prize figurines for the other characters; Sailor Mars, Mercury and Chibi-moon... but not as many for Sailor Moon. Well anyway, I knew I was going to buy this at one point in the future and struck my bargain deal. I can hardly leave a convention empty handed right??

The eyes strike me as a bit odd, but from far away it's less of an issue. The pigtails came separated and were quite difficult to insert. She totally looks like the 90's anime style of Sailor Moon which is totally refreshing considering the latest influx of Sailor Moon Crystal artwork merchandise.

I pre-ordered this on Ami-Ami a few months ago... and she was meant to be released back in August! I bought her for 1080 yen (£8) and she's pretty cute. Her stand is plain white which suits Sakura so much. This outfit for Sakura is less popular compared to others so I was worried that the company would have put less emphasis on her design but this is not the case! 

The outfit from the second opening has a lot more yellow shading then you would expect, the gradient effect is subtle yet breathtaking.  The pose is pretty cute and it somehow manages to remove emphasis on the clow wand this time around, which I think is a good idea.

Overall "Happy Crown" is a nice improvement from the "Cheerful Pink" figure released back in May and this could be my favorite from FuRyu's CCS prize figure line up so far. I think the latest S.H. Figuarts release for Sakura would have a cuter face and poses for this outfit but for this one she's holding a little cherry blossom petal which is such a nice added touch! The only issue is that her face looks a bit bloated for some reason and strangely pale, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with this Sakura addition!

Snagged from the "Ami-Ami" pre-owned section for £13, another FuRyu prize figure for this month. I wanted to get her in the school uniform outfit since I thought it was the most recognisable outfit from the series.

  When I opened the figure I noticed that she’s actually really small. The base is a standard black with the “Love Live!” logo, but I think the logo and the text should be bigger to make it easier to read.

This one is released in 2013 so she looks a bit different to the current releases. She has her signature pose which makes her look totally cute! The detail on her school uniform is pretty low quality though because paint colours used look dull. The cardigan is too light, a vivid pink would have been better for Nico's outfit and also, her skirt is really short!    

I didn't go to MCM October, however... my boyfriend went and came back with this figure (capsule machine) as a gift!! ^-^ I cosplayed her school uniform outfit for Manchester MCM, which I previously blogged about, so this was a present that suited well and I'm very happy with it.

It's a 2005 release from F-Toys Confect, it originally came with candy but that's long past expired now haha.

I'm pretty sure that this passes the bootleg test however the paint job... is not perfect... but for a trading toy, quality control can't be expected much. The stand has a sun symbol decorating which is a cool bonus and the pose emulates Sakura's free spirited school girl persona. 

 That's all for today. I won't be doing a haul next month since I didn't want to place any more orders when I already had a backload, however!!! I have more kdrama and anime reviews to be posted this month so make sure to keep on visiting!

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