[REVIEW] Mersey ComicCon 2015 - Saturday 21st November

Sunday, 22 November 2015



Mersey ComicCon 2015

 Saturday 21st November

Preparations for the festive season is now in full swing with winter now finally here! The cold winds and dark nights are now upon us :(

Lots of Christmas Markets throughout the country are now open for business ready for us to look for presents for our loved ones ^-^ 

This week was the 2nd time that Mersey Comic Con was held at the Liverpool Guild of Students. Back in May I saw a flyer posted around the campus and thought to myself that the Convention hype train had really kicked into fun swing. I thought it would be interesting to go to a convention that was being held at my university.

MCM Birmingham and Newcastle Film and Comic Con were both also happening this weekend and now it seems to be common for two different conventions to be held during the same weekend! The previous Mersey Comic Con was held on May 30th, which clashed with Manchester Film and Comic Con.

Tickets for this event were on sale for £6 and doors opened from 11am which was great as it meant I could sleep in the morning and not arrive late feeling as if I missed anything important.



Mersey ComicCon, hosted by “Si-phi Entertainment Groupchose "The Isabella Trust" as their chosen charity - aiming to provide support to parents and carers of children autistic spectrum condition and sensory processing difficulties.


 The event also had motivational speeches held by “ICosplay” which involved a lot of interaction between the crowd asking con goers, why they cosplay which I thought was pretty cool - their mission is to stop bullying throughout the Cosplay Community.

The whole convention itself felt catered towards Star Wars and Doctor Who fans, I probably would have loved this convention more if a few years ago when I used to watch Doctor Who religiously every Saturday evening. 

 Considering the advertising and guests being announced, the age range being targeted seemed to be older males and families.  As well as catering to western fans, there was roughly 1 stall catered to anime and another stall with a heap of Pokemon plushies.

I managed to take some photos of the stalls but with the crowded hall space and security wandering around the main courtyard, I felt uncomfortable to take many snaps!

Star Wars Stall

Doctor Who Stall

Artwork Stall by Dave Kennedy

MCM Telford 2014
The food being offered at any convention always looks delicious and the smell lures me in every time... 

The idea of an ice cream stall with flavours such as “Chewbacca Chocolate” gave me a good chuckle, and there was even the Mersey Comic-cone being sold.

 Seeing lots of Star Wars appreciation at this convention along with the recent influx of merchandise at stores such as Disney and HMV has made me pretty excited to see the release of the new movie! My favorite character has to be the Jawa's because I love the noises that they make and their tendency to steal everything ^-^

I saw Darth Vader walking past and asked for a photo but I think his outfit made hearing difficult but at least I managed to get a snap with R2D2! 

Thank you for reading! 

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