[REVIEW] Card Captor Sakura Atsumete Figure for Girls - School Commute Ver.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Card Captor Sakura

 Atsumete Figure for Girls 

Volume 4 - School Commute Ver.

Today I’ll be a review of this Card Captor Sakura Atsumete Figure for Girls (Vol. 4) figure.

This figure firstly appears to be a bit of a strange release, I mean.. Banpresto already released a school uniform Sakura, as part the 1st Volume of this “Astumete Figure” line only just last year...
I decided to share a side by side comparison for each one to show the differences between both editions.

 However, now that we’re onto Volume 4 of the Atsumete line, we’ve now be given Touya and Yukito for those who are fans of these characters! 
As a result, it only seems logical to have school girl Sakura included with Touya and Yukito.  

 Slowly, we’re getting closer to having the whole cast together. Will a Ruby Moon figure ever be released as part of an upcoming set? Eriol? Do you want to see a specific character get a figure release? Please tell me if you do! ^_^ 

Maybe for Volume 5, we will be given Sakura’s 2nd and 3rd opening outfits!

Anyway, in the UK getting hold of these figures is pretty difficult as most sellers are from the US and shipping costs are as expensive as the figure itself! 
I’m totally going to try and see if I can spot any of these trading figure lines at upcoming conventions!

I bought this for £10 as you can see on the photos but I was initially going to pre-order it on Tokyo Otaku Mode which would have cost me £16 altogether, in the end, I stumbled upon this while shopping and for a cheaper price I didn’t hesitate towards buying this!

The addition of her roller blades are pretty cool and it makes a refreshing change from the bog standard school uniform outfit for most figures. I feel like the rollerblades help to showcase Sakura’s tomboy personality well but still makes her look cute. The half running pose means that no matter how she’s placed on the stand, each position will still look good from any view!

 For any of those mourning the loss of her iconic pigtails, her school hat often covers them up sadly, fortunately, the Megahouse Petit! Chara line includes her pigtails as seen at the end of this post.

I don’t have her original school girl release so instead, I took a comparison photo with her Battle costume from Episode 4.
The stand for both of these two match and have the logo engraved on them. Unfortunately, they don’t show up well on this camera.

As you can see together there are no inconsistencies between the different Volume releases which is great for those who are perfectionists like me! ^-^

Both of them this time has an orange-brown shade to their hair which resembles her appearance in the manga, considering with the latest attention being directed to the 60th anniversary of Nakayoshi, it’s no surprise the Atsumete line is faithful to the manga. For those who prefer the anime, Furyu also does a Sakura Game Prize line with a darker brown hair colour shade which suits her anime appearance.

 I’ve ended up with a few figures of her in the school uniform outfit so I thought I would show all three, and from this, you can see how each manufacturer has a different interpretation of her hair colour!

Thank you for reading!

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