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Hi Everyone!

Recently I was browsing YouTube and looking at the teasers for Taeyeon's solo "I" ... personally I thought the teasers was simply breathtaking!! The photography, the poses, the location and the make up. Taeyeon simply has some good photoshoots to her name.

Since I loved her look, the natural bohemian look which is perfect for fall I went to watch the tutorial on "heyit'sfeii" whose channel I've been subscribed to for a while, long story short - I entered the contact lenses giveaway and won! ^-^

I decided to give these lenses a quick review since it's also my first time shopping with pinkicon!


For those who don't know, it's a company, based in Hong Kong, that specialises in selling circle lenses, wigs, and eye makes up! 

There are a few sellers of circle lenses such as "PinkyParadise" and "HoneyColour" that I've bought products from, however I think I'd definitely be buying from this website within the future as they have a wide variety of well-known good quality brands and payment is quick with using PayPal!


I really liked how the order came in packaging with the shop's logo, at times when you're expecting a number of packages to arrive, it's great to know straight away what is inside the envelope. The item arrived 6 days after being shipped out which was such a surprise considering it was sent by Hong Kong International Airmail.


Inside there was the lenses, an instruction book, a promotional leaflet and a contact lens case.

The contact lens case is similar to the pair I've received before, it looks simple but other than that, the case is great and I personally prefer this style as I have less chance of ripping the lens in the case.

This brochure was a nice bonus as I get to see a bunch of different lenses and Japanese celebrities endorsing them! 
The instruction manual was also pretty cute to read!


Inside this cute pink cardboard box are two pieces of circle lenses. The box is a nice touch and the pop art style is adorable. Printed inside the box there are some instructions on how to wear these lenses, however I just used the mini booklet provided by Pinkicon.

 As written on the packaging itself the lenses diameter is 14.5 millimetres, making them enlarge the eyes without looking creepy.

 Water content is 48%, slightly less than with normal contact lenses but with any dryness issues, I would totally recommend eye drops! 
The base curve is at 8.6 millimetres which is important for those who have troubles fitting in any type of contact lenses! I hardly have issues myself but at 8.6 this is the average fit for most lenses!

These lenses last for only one month and also come in a "Sugar Blue" colour as well!

Wearing the lenses I noticed that they have a really natural look, they sit comfortable and can be worn for a number of hours, however
I'd recommend only wearing circle lenses for 5 hours maximum due to medical claims.

As you can see, I'm wearing the EVA Candy Brown in my right eye and I'm not wearing any eye make up at all! 

They bring a natural enhancement and boost to your eyes without being too obvious, the brown shades, which are more of a bronze start at the pupil and blends outwards with a variety of soft green shades. It suits really well my natural eye colour.
There is a hint of a grey limbal ring but it doesn't stand out, which I personally prefer, there is a subtle enhancement, but if the limbal ring is too strong then the lenses appear to be costume style.

I decided to recreate the look of Taeyeon's "I" concept 
following through Fei's step by step tutorial!! ^-^

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