[REVIEW] MCM MIDLANDS 2016 - Saturday 13th February

Friday, 19 February 2016


Saturday 13th February

After a week of recovering from con flu, I'm finally able to share with you all my post about MCM Midlands or Telford, whatever people prefer to call this event.

This has only been my second time to this venue but yet on both occasions I've always opted to go for a couple cosplay which is fitting for Valentine's day weekend.

I chose Serah from Final Fantasy XIII because I've always wanted to cosplay her and managed to score her outfit for a good bargain. 
 I also made Snow's outfit mostly from scratch by finding second-hand items, but that's another story for another blog post. 

Travelling from Liverpool to Telford on coach took roughly one hour and a half which is a cheaper alternative to a train if you're both a morning owl and not travel sick. Also, if your travel sick, take tablets prior to the trip and sit close to the front. The coach usually stops outside of the venue, Telford International Centre, however, the train station is only a short walk if you choose to travel by train.

Inside the venue, the orange carpet has been rolled out and the hanging fabric signs are up on display! Once you get through the ticket checks, the main three places you should find first are the information stand (grab a programme), the toilets and the cosplay repair station (you can drop off extra luggage)

Now once you're settled, it's simply time to catch up with friends, visit panels, make new ones, and spend until you can't carry anymore!


At every convention, I always end up at the DVD stall. The main collection releases never seem to change but whilst retail stores i.e. HMV sell anime DVD's, here you can find a wider selection. Most of their stuff seems to be quite current and limited to their publication licensing only.

A personal favourite of mine is visiting the figurine stalls. Sometimes you can get a good deal if you have done prior research. Before we buy any figurine, check out what the bootlegs look like and how much they are selling for. 

I managed to pick up the last two Card Captor Sakura Petit Chara's that I needed to complete my set! Some blind boxes are already opened which is a bonus for who want to choose their option.

 As you can see through the photos, a variety of audiences are being catered to here, game prizes, Gundams and blind boxes which are great for any anime fan.

There's always the option to buy snacks to eat either on the day or to give as a present to somebody special! 

I always enjoy the Tofu Cute stall because they have lots of adorable assortments on display. Besides Japanese sweets, there is often cupcake stalls with customised delicacies and American sweet stalls to fill your appetite! 
I'm often wary of buying foreign snacks because of allergies so make sure you know it's safe.

Another useful thing is that conventions can also be a good way to do "window shopping" as often there are lots of cute items I see online but yet I only discover if I'd actually be pleased with the purchase once I find it at a stall. 

This Moogle plushie is an example, the photos online simply do not do it justice! It's totally cute and fluffy. However, the cutest plushie at the convention had to be this Amuse Wombatsantachi. Do you think he's cute or simply ugly? 

Also, every comic convention has a Pokemon plushie stall, no doubt about it! Some stalls can also be better than others in my experience regarding quality. Sadly, Pokemon centre loot was not here this year which was a shame. 

Artbook stalls are always a delight to see! Music books, Magazines, Fan books... there's a lot and besides the stalls, I don't know anywhere else which supplies such great finds!
I'm not sure how racy some of these art books since I only check the front covers, but I imagine there's some 18+ artwork in there somewhere...

Last year there was a group of Jawa's and Stormtroopers at the venue which I loved, and keeping with the Star Wars theme, here are the new entrants!

So cool! So Sugoi!

Last but not least, the convention haul!
Good times, good times \o/ 

Next up, I'll be at MCM Liverpool bringing back my Maka cosplay which I previously brought to Manchester MCM 2015

  If you see me there, please say hello! ^-^

I'm curious about the turn out for Liverpool's first MCM convention, Midlands was quiet but yet perfect for socialising as you can see friends easily throughout the crowd. A nice convention for the start of the year as it isn't too hectic. 
After the coach journey, maybe I'll pass up on Midlands and simply choose MCM Birmingham as an alternative since I've yet to visit.

Thank you for reading!

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