[REVIEW] Card Captor Sakura - Platinum Star (FuRyu)

Sunday, 7 February 2016



 Card Captor Sakura  - Platinum Star  

Furyu Game Prize Figure

Hi everyone! 
Today I am back with another Card Captor Sakura figure review! 
Hopefully, that shouldn't be of any surprise, I love everything magical girl related.

Furyu, who have been consistently releasing Card Captor Sakura Game Prize figurines have released yet again, another cute and adorable variation of Sakura, this time she's in her third opening theme costume which is titled as "Platinum Star"

The first thought that came to my head when I saw a draft of this outfit was "Aw no! Is this the final release?" since it is one of her costumes from the ending chapter of the anime, all good things, however, must come to an end, and sometimes I hope that they will so I can prioritise on previous releases that I have missed out on!

First thing first, I've hardly seen any Sakura figures wearing this outfit, or her 2nd opening costume so hallelujah when I saw this beauty, I clicked the pre-order with no hesitation. 
With a price of 1,580 yen, it's hardly a dip in the bank account.

 And I have to be honest when I saw the sculpture unpainted... I was not too impressed! Furyu likes to make Sakura have a chubby face and pose isn't very imaginative, it actually makes her limbs look like a doll since they are angled very straight.

On the positive note, these wings, are simply beautiful.
 I was not expecting this, and the level of detail is immaculate. The soft shading, and coupled with the detail on the skirt layers bring the brilliance of her outfit together. 
Her outfit may look like a basic white dress, but the design has paid excellent attention to detail.

Her head as I mentioned earlier is average for my tastes. 
The dark brown hair is too dark against the paint used for the skin and there is hardly any shadows cast against the skin or the hair which makes it just seem odd. The sculpture of the hair also looks half finished.

The top of her outfit has cute princess sleeves that are the focal point and her dress line is modest and true to her character. This time we finally have Sakura holding the Star Wand! It is amazing to see her pose with it on display as if she is proud - that is the message I feel that is conveyed with the pose! While the wand is smaller than her usual clow wand the level of detail becomes more intrinsic and works well as the paint matches with her little hair ribbons.

The packaging box for this release has a blue and pink pastel colour scheme. For 2016 fashion pastel colours, especially blue & pink is the trend! 
So this was a nice colour scheme that reminds you instantly of the third opening theme. The sides of the box have Sakura looking up, which is pretty cute and a nice touch but this pose looks a tad awkward compared to the box art of the "Happy Crown" figure. I really like how the packaging for all of these releases showcase the creativity behind each costume of the series, and whilst they are big boxes, I like having them on display.

To summarise, this figure is a nice surprise as her outfit and the wings are beautifully done if this is the final release of Furyu's Card Captor Sakura prize line, then they ended on a high note! However, the faces that they keep on churning out all look bland and emotionless, I can't exactly figure out why but I have to applaud for consistency as a collector! 

These releases are only 1500 yen each so I expect to see myself pleased with my purchases but yet not breath is taken and awed, that would be better saved for the scales and statues.

Thank you for reading!

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