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I pre-ordered this figure back in July. I haven't bought a figma before so I wasn't sure what to expect besides good quality and customer service, I wanted to pre-order from the store as I thought it would be a cool experience as I usually end up ordering second hand from Mandrake and a school girl outfit of any magical girl is always a nice addition to my collection..

In total, I paid ¥5,800 for this figure which is roughly £37.
 The package arrived in a standard cardboard box stuffed with paper. 

With my online order, I couldn't select my own courier service which meant that shipping & Handling was ¥2,000 which is an extra £13 to my order.

The package was shipped out on 21st January, the day of release, and 9 days later I received a customs letter from Parcel Force! Meaning that my grand total order of ¥5700 yen, (£55) has an extra ¥3477 (£22) added on top!

 The total cost of this figma is now £72! 
What?! I paid ¥11380 in total :( 

Now I'm thinking that I should have waited until I found her second hand! 
I'm hoping that this figure was worth the extra shipping as usually, I go for SAL.

The box is pretty cute and not much of a surprise considering Goodsmile keep to the same simplistic designs for each brand, Nendoroid and figma. Wrapped outside the box was a layer of tissue paper which was a nice touch.

Here is the inside of the box, there are lots of different attachments and are protected with an extra layer of plastic packaging. Certain items such as display stands and intrinsic details such as hand attachments are wrapped separately in a small plastic pouch.

 Since this was my first figma purchase I was initially worried about putting parts together and removing them. Some S.H. Figuarts can be tricky with the joints and easily snap so I didn't want anything to get damaged straight after opening!

 Luckily the instructions come in both Japanese and English making it easy to understand and reassuring to play with.


Kero himself comes with his own separate display stand which is something that I love! Sometimes my mini collection of Kero's can be troublesome as they easily fall over and don't stand upright as he is always very small and delicate. Having a display stand solves those issue and I like being able to display him high for once!

With any figure that has a multitude of parts, some require plugs to keep the plastic material in shape and the hands are also easily stored. The package came with a long zipper pouch which is very useful for storing all of these extra parts. 
The clow book, the pre-order bonus was wrapped in an extra black pouch outside of the box packaging which meant that it was nearly thrown away with the cardboard box! Clumsy me!

 The display stand is amazing and putting Sakura is a variety of poses! She's easily attached to the back through a plug hole so she's fitted in a secure manner. No worries about her sliding off with the touch of a finger. 
I also like the safety shorts underneath, I don't want to see any fanservice with underage characters personally.

Here is Sakura Figma by herself, originally I didn't like the design of her first figma release. However, this is an improvement as the detailing on the school uniform is done very well, the skirt has extra detailing on the pleats and also features her school badge on the side. I can't find any inaccuracies in her at all! 

The hair colour is a nice shade of brown, along with the S.H. Figuarts, both seem to capture the design of Sakura quite well out of all of the latest figure releases so far.

Here is the Sakura Figma next to the S.H. Figuarts release. The most striking difference firstly is the face. 
The left is more mature looking and adds a touch of realism whereas on the right, Sakura looks bulkier with the pink outfit and has a chibi face. They both have their pros and cons so I don't have a particular favourite.

 Lastly, here is Sakura with the cutest faceplate ever! I don't know what this expression is even remotely about but I just love it! I think that this figma is so adorable and a great addition to my collection. I'm not sure if she's worth the £72 I paid in total and with the experience, I'll be less likely to buy any future figmas. 

I'll probably be changing her pose more often than the additional parts as I don't like popping joints on and off, I like to look at my collection rather than fiddle with them, but that is just me!

How about yourselves? Do you prefer figures that have different parts or like them without?

Thank you for reading!

  1. Aww, she's super cute! The customs charge really sucks, I had that with a beauty box one time too D: I don't have any figures since all my money already goes to cosplay!

    memoleaf - blog

    1. Ah thank you! The charges did suck T_T I usually buy cheap "game prize" figures, but it was just... this one just cost me 10x the usual price T_T

      and I totally understand! Your pokemon cosplay also looks so cool! I did the FR/LG trainer last year so I always love to see people cosplay from the games ^-^

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  4. Nice review here.
    Anyway I got mine today via my local Anime store & I love it.
    Tou mine I had a slight hiccup, when I went to swap out the legs for the roller skates & her left leg the knee was stuck at the bottom of the leg & took me severl minutes to figure out how to fix the problem.
    Other than that I love her.

    My collection of Sakura figures grow once more with 2 Figmas & 5 of the Furyu claw machine figures.

  5. :) Cute figure. Nice review


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