[REVIEW] MCM LIVERPOOL 2016 Saturday 12th March

Monday, 14 March 2016


Saturday 12th March

 Last weekend was the very first time that MCM has made it's very own descent into the city of Liverpool. It was also a new venue for me to explore as well.

The convention was nearly sold out for both days. When I arrived, there were signs saying that tickets couldn't be purchased on the day itself which isn't a big surprise. I saw a lot of promotion for this event. I arrived at Liverpool James Street (you can access it from going underground from Liverpool Lime Street and taking the first two train stops) since I didn't want to take a 10-minute walk across the city centre. The convention hall is based on the waterfront, which makes the scenery quite nice for photographs.

For this convention, I worked on improving my Maka cosplay which I debuted last year at Manchester!

The staff were pretty nice in general, they all seemed happy to help with any questions, however, security was extra tight. I had my scythe grabbed upon entry but since it's the first event in the venue it's understandable considering there were lots of children at the event. 

I felt like this was seen more of a kids day out, which is great for them to dress up and let their imagination run wild for a day. There wasn't much anime merchandise, and the audience seemed to be lots of middle-aged men I found.

Since I went to MCM Midlands the previous month, I didn't purchase anything this time. A lot of the stalls are the same as last time. I did notice a few fake items.
 I wish I did pick up a few prints from the artist alley as their work is always a delight to see! 
The stalls that sell DVD's, Figurines and Pokemon merchandise are always my favourites to see.

Next year I'm hoping things would be even better! Not to say that I had a bad time, but there was only one hall, which made the convention hall seem small.

What I didn't realise is that there's lots of outside space to sit and have fun, which is great considering the weather was nice. 
There wasn't much seating area inside and with a sold-out event, there's going to be lots of people wanting to take a breather! 

The seating area was right next to the small food court so it kinda forced you into buying food, which would be fine if a sandwich and a bottle of flavoured water didn't cost £7!
 I could have gone to a supermarket and got a snack included for less than half the price... but the Almost Famous burger van outside was such a delight to see!

I also got a photo with Red Gyarados! I think since Maka is such a grumpy character, she would have Red Gyarados as her choice of pokemon! What do you think?
 Credit goes to Small Fry Creations for such amazing work!

This weekend is Birmingham MCM! I wish I could go, but two conventions in two weeks straight would be too exhausting! If you went to Liverpool, then let me know! 
I hope there's another convention next year as I had fun and the choice of location was great! 

Thank you for reading!

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