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Saturday, 23 December 2017

When I first watched RWBY Weiss’s character and her elegant outfit design won me over within a heartbeat. I feel like Weiss was originally a misunderstood character but with season 4, I’m glad more people have warmed to her character. I wanted to do this cosplay more so on a cheaper budget since I only planned to wear her briefly, in total putting together this cosplay cost me roughly £20 to make, excluding the wig. This tutorial will cover each different item involved in this project.


The original dress that I used was made out of chiffon material. Since this project was made from lightweight materials I used size 9 needles on my sewing machine with low thread tension. I shaped the bodice to fit my body size more accurately using a template pattern. Drafted out a simple circle skirt and sewed both the bodice and the circle skirt together. Later I cut the bodice to have a sweetheart style with my sewing machine. Afterwards, I added "analogise embroidery" onto the top. I used a small sample as it was cheaper and gave me enough to work with. The section that I used was trimmed into a V shape due to the sweetheart bodice and sewed on. The ends of the fabric were hemmed using a rolled foot for a neater appearance.
With some leftover chiffon, I made a belt that ties at the back. A simple long rectangle shaped was used for this. I tied a bow using more chiffon fabric and hand stitched it onto the belt to make sure that it was attached securely.
The dying of the dress was done by using both fabric dye and spray on the dye. I mixed together dye powder and water in a bowl and slowly placed the dress inside, from the bottom to get a gradient effect. The dress was later sprayed with fabric dye towards where the circle skirt and bodice meet. The reason is so that the spray droplets are smaller and can blend easily.
After the dress has been dyed, I used roughly 1 and a half metres of white lace trimmings, which I cut to resemble Weiss’s snowflake design. The white lace closely resembles a series of white diamonds. I had to sew the top edge of each lace piece on separately to prevent them all from falling down, so this became more time to consume than I originally thought.


I used a vintage pattern for this dress. Vogue V8957 Sewing pattern Misses' Jackets/Bolero Flounces & Ruffles.I used pattern C as this most closely resembles Weiss’s bolero jacket with a few alterations on the sleeves and adding scallops around the outside edges of the jacket.  The scallops were drawn onto the fabric using a round circled object, as there are few scallops, a larger circle circumference is more preferable.  The scallops on the inside of the jacket required for the pattern to be mirrored as a result.
The pattern in a size 8 requires 1 metre of fabric. I decided to go ahead with taffeta material after enlisting help from my local fabric shop, as this drapes nicely with the chiffon dress, to emphasise Weiss’s elegant image.

I pinned and cut out the pattern pieces on the taffeta material. The rest of the pattern pieces that do not involve the construction of the sleeves were also pinned and cut out of the red lining material. The flounces of the sleeves and the sleeves are cut into separate pieces and sewn together around the wrist for the flare effect.

Following the instructions and used a bottle of fabric spray to have greater control of the amount of colour added to the sleeves. The material is taffeta so this as a result made the dye spread quickly.
I printed off an enlarged copy of Weiss’s icicle emblem onto the back to recreate her design. I cut the template to use as a stencil and then with blue fabric dye and a paintbrush, painted the emblem with white fabric paint to clean up the edges from the ink that had spread. I also cut out a separate template for the symbols that are on the edges of the scallop and repeated this process again.
The sleeves of the jacket were cut into a large flounce. Once this was done, I drew using a fabric pencil scallop shapes keeping in mind that there needed to be 6 in total. I also printed off a template of the flounces to keep the measurements accurate. With 6 scallops there needs to be a small edge in between to separate. I used only one spiked edge, instead of three in between the scallops as this material was thin and reducing the anumberof small pieces would make the appearance look neater. Sewing these hems on was quite difficult since this material can easily fray and smaller sections require harder work.


Adding the gems was probably one of the hardest parts of making the entire outfit. These don’t show in the animation, but only in the concept art. The first gem is of a cylinder shape, and the second gem is a teardrop, reinforcing the ice elements to Weiss’s character design. I initially used invisible thread, but this wasn’t able to knot and each gem fell off after a manner of minutes. So I swapped and use wa hite thread which was more durable and able to hold the gems.
I threaded a small sized needle and attached a small gem, looped the thread around the gem and tied a few knots for security.
The second gem, this time in the shape of a teardrop is threaded onto the needle and thread. The thread is put through the first gem and looped through the second gem as well.


Made out of craft foam material and painted metallic using rub and buff. I cut out a variety of triangle shapes, in various shapes. The craft foam was gently heated and pulled to form a spiked triangle and each piece was glued onto the edge of the clip with small silver balls attached onto the end.
I re-used my Serah cat earrings and hand made a small metal ball using left over metallic gems for Weiss’s pendant.


I made these boot covers using A3 size of craft foam. There are also many tutorials online on how to make your own fitted patterns for cosplay. I drew around the tinfoil made pattern and cut it out, and then sewed on an open end zipper to allow these shoes to easily come on and off feet. Weiss’s boots have a sweetheart shape matching the bodice, so I folded the craft foam in half and cut towards the centre to create this shape.
I added white material and red lining for the boots following the pattern made from the craft foam pattern.. These were both sewed onto the craft foam. The dying process was similar to the dress with ean mphasis on applying a gradient.
The grey decoration attachments, I bought a metre from a haberdashery and these were glued on along with the gemstones as well.


I bought a twin tail white wig and used one of the ponytails. The main reason for this was so that I could later reuse the wig for another cosplay by dying the white wefts another colour.  The main issue I found which attaching clip on ponytails (especially for Weiss who wears only one ponytail) is that they can often pull the wig up which can be a common issue with many cosplays. To solve this, I bought a white clip of fringe for extra thickness as well.

I’ve worked slowly over time to tweak this cosplay, and whilst I initially struggled to work with such delicate fabrics, snapping countless needles in my sewing machine, I always end up enjoying fully commiting myself to each project. Hopefully ,you've all enjoyed reading this walk through and been of some use to those wishing to learn more about cosplaying Weiss.15182545_10154482011420219_740423124_o
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