Going into 2018!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hello to anybody reading this blog!

Why am I making this post?

I decided to write a short post as we're rapidly approaching 2018. As you may see if you check the archives, there's no post for 2017 besides this one! Why? I've been flipping towards blogspot and Wordpress for a while now.

After I began this blog, I moved to Wordpress over a year ago simply due to a lot of recommendations.
I understand the buzz about Wordpress, it's got a nice interface, it's great for businesses and for creating websites. But that's not the purpose of my blog, for writing casual I'm not looking to invest large amounts of money into a number of yearly subscriptions for when I post once a month and many blogging platforms can do the job just as well.

I've also noticed that you guys are all still visiting my blog and so I really want to continue sharing my posts and I don't see the point of abandoning something which is appearing to be successful.

Anothering thing - I've been updating a few older posts to make them read better as I'm becoming more used to writing and gaining a feel for how I want my blog to look.

So what can you be expecting in the future?

 I've got more figure reviews and tutorials planned! There's a big backlog of cosplays and various purchases which means I'll be busy providing you all with more content and posts.

You might wonder why don't I just make a Wordpress blog and Blogspot and throw the same posts out, but the blogging game isn't that easy.

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