[REVIEW] CardCaptor Sakura – In Uniform (FuRyu)

Monday, 29 January 2018
Once again, I'm back with another figurine review!
FuRyu's previous release of their CardCaptor Sakura line was their "Platinum Star" which I spoke about in this earlier blog post.
Upon release of said figure, I was curious as to whether FuRyu would choose to make any more of Sakura's outfits, and these releases do not seem to be stopping any time soon, as another figure from this line has been slated for an April release.

I bought this figurine from Amiami as a pre-order for 1,580 yen which is roughly £11. For such a low price, I don’t have high expectations compared to other companies releases and adding each new release to my collection only gives me the worry about shelving space.

My very first notice upon opening the delivery box is that the packaging has changed. Now the outside packaging box has become noticeably smaller with no plastic insert to preview the figurine on display. Also the blister box has now been swapped for a simple piece of cardboard to keep the figurine secure and since this is a prize figure, there is no assembly required besides inserting the figurine into the base stand, which is typically plain white. However this base, compared to their previous has been also been downsized, making the figurine in effect look smaller overall.
The lack of a poofy magical outfit may also be another reason for this too.
The figure itself is as good as I expect from FuRyu's previous releases. The pose is really fitting for Sakura's character as a youthful energetic school girl in contrast to her magical girl persona.

The addition of the roller blades is the most eye catching aspect of the design, as it holds lots of details and compliments the anime art style with its bright pink colour scheme. Alongside this, there are many small details which can be seen upon closer inspection, the uniform includes tomodea school badge, with movement in the pleats of the skirt, which includes an underskirt layer and shorts underneath. I’m glad to see research and effort has been put into the design as my first thoughts upon seeing the new packaging style was that corners have been cut.
Even though the eye decals, the sculpture of hair are all identical across this product line, there has been a slight change in which closing Sakura's smile which improved the balance of her face. In terms of facial design, this release has been my favourite so far.
Overall, this school uniform figure is cute, all of the releases have been cute. With this being the fifth release, I like both the consistency in the design throughout, yet I’m glad to see gradual improvements in terms of the facial expressions. The only downside is that the packaging seems to have abandoned their usual design which is a shame, especially if you prefer to display figures inside the boxes.  I will also be writing up reviews of the Cherry Sakura and Lovely Kitten releases some time soon before the release of Sakura Card Hen figure in April, so please stay tuned for more reviews!
Thank you for reading!

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