[TUTORIAL] Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

Friday, 30 March 2018

Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay Notes

Aerith's outfit was one that I've had planned for a long time, since the announcement of the remake in particular! I've previously cosplayed a few Final Fantasy characters and so I thought, a character like Aerith is simply a must. Many characters from this game are instantly recognisable and have been cosplayed for years now, and for more to come. It's been fantastic to do a well-loved character such as Aerith, I've been constantly debating on how to encompass the 90's aesthetic of such a character without looking too jarring, but yet balancing a natural look at the same time.

"I'm Aerith, the flower girl. Nice to meet you."


My first attempt was to bleach and dye a denim jacket with red fabric dye, however, I didn't like the results, and when dying fabric, the stitches do not take to the dye. This led me to put making this cosplay on hold until I found this handmade jacket being sold which made me begin to carry on making the rest of the Aerith cosplay by hand.
The jacket is a pleather material and sewn with buttons, and shoulder pads for the more JRPG sprite look. I tried to base a lot of the look to work with the jacket as the main focal piece.


The dress has 8 buttons, and the last two are undone. I bought a cotton summer dress which I wanted to dye pink, but the quality of the dress was just too sheer. Seeing the dress placed next to a jacket made me realise that I wanted a heavier weighted fabric choice. I took some photo references when I went shopping for fabric to be able to match the shade of pink that I wanted. In the end, I chose 3 metres of pink cotton twill, which was more than enough considering I wanted to make the hair bow.

 I bought some peach coloured lining to help prevent the dress from looking sheer under the light. The original summer dress which I had bought was cut in half and used as a template for the sewing pattern. The McCall's pattern which some cosplayers used was not in stock, which is a total shame because it seemed to be such a good match! However, there are always alternatives to every problem, so using the original summer dress (which I had bought earlier) I decided to cut it in half for use as a template for Aerith's dress.
I used a darker shade of pink, for the bias binding and used 2-3 metres of bias tape. Once the bias tape was pinned into place across the edge of the dress I sewed the bias on using a bias binding sewing foot.

Flower Basket

I bought a flower basket from a local market, the one I chose was £12 since I figured shipping would be more difficult. A rectangle foam block was used to keep Aerith's flowers in place with beige cotton material to cover the sides of the basket. The foam block used to keep the flowers held together, once the stalks are pressed in, they leave marks in the foam. The basket made for an excellent prop to store small items at conventions.


I made these bracers using EVA foam. The foam was cut into strips, six in total, to make the arm bracers. After cutting the foam into six pieces, I used sandpaper and a Dremel to smooth out the foam. The foam was sealed using layers of watered down PVA glue and then painted silver. The inside was painted a dark colour as the foam was originally purple. I used UHU glue to attach all of the foam together and a heat gun to mould the shape.


The ribbon was made from the same material as the dress. Using a screen capture I went to use this as my basis for making a pattern to cut out of material. Cutting out four pieces, with each side mirrored to be turned inside out to make the ribbon. There are many hair bow tutorials on the internet to give a greater insight into how to construct one yourself. I used a green marble, wrapped generously with wire and a jewellery stopper attachment to add my own materia to the top of the bow.


These shoes are an easy find, brown or tan ankle boots which can be found easily second hand or bought at a thrift shop. Coincidentally, I did the exact same for Aerith's Crisis Core outfit. The shoes I bought were a size too big but the bulky aspect seemed to work considering how oversized the jacket appears.

That's all for Aerith's Final Fantasy VII outfit, and details on how I constructed all of it together. I've also done Aerith's Crisis Core outfit, which I shall be doing a post about shortly, so keep watching for more updates. In the meantime, if there's any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch. I hope this post has helped in some way.

Aerith and her guard stick?! 

Bonus points if anybody can guess where this prop is actually from :)

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