[REVIEW] Breath of the Wild Princess Zelda Cosplay

Monday, 30 April 2018

I’m back with another post, this time sharing my review of my first time purchasing from Miccostumes and their Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild cosplay for Princess Zelda.

I have had previously heard of miccostumes and some reviews were good and bad, but I never had formed a strong opinion on either side. I wanted to cosplay from the Legend of Zelda series and finding this particular cosplay was quite hard. Until I found Miccostumes selling it, especially with their “international women’s day” sale – I mean, half of the reason I wanted to cosplay BOTW’s Zelda is that she plays a bigger role in this game!


The cosplay alone was priced at £65.29, with shipping to Europe which amounted to £9.69. Dispatch and shipping for this item were really quick. The item was sent out in one day and arrived within shortly, from being dispatched on 9th March and arriving on the 15th. The cosplay was packaged individually for all of the included accessories and with branded labels on the plastic bag which is an extra detailed touch. With this, I was able to feel confident in taking good care of this cosplay due to all of the packaging.

 Jacket and Undershirt

The cosplay itself is easy to assemble and wear, the material is different to the standard polyester and Zelda’s blue jacket holds a stretch. The gold bias trims also hold some stretch which is needed as the shirt’s complicated design.

There’s a blue apron which is Velcro attached together. The blue jacket is split into two pieces, as the brown belt is placed over and makes assembling the cosplay more simplistic. The blue jacket has a flared sleeve with red lining to show Zelda's princess attire. The Gold trim at the base of the jacket is applique stitched whereas the gold design at the bottom of the jacket appears to be heat bonded. The tri force emblem is made of a rubber material, which I'm still unsure of whether I liked this or not.
The white undershirt was made to nicely compliment the blue jacket that Zelda wears, the cuffs of the collar match the blue jacket, with the same material and gold bias trim. The buttons were all of nice quality and a large zip down the back to make it easy to wear the cosplay together.

Pants and Shoe accessories

The leggings that arrived… I loved them at first but yet that enjoyment didn’t last for long. The leggings are a nice cotton material, nicely fitted and thick enough for comfort and style. The stitching at the crotch became weak after wearing them and once I went to hand wash the cosplay, lots of dye bled out. My brown leggings began to turn black, which was a total disappointment and I also had to clean up lots of dye as a result. From this I felt quite misled, it’s the only downside from the cosplay but it’s made me think twice before placing another order, which I was initially expecting to do.

Two triforce badges were included, these are to be worn on the boots. The material for these badges was quite padded and they didn’t work too well with the rest of the outfit in my opinion. I used some spare material to make the cream top covers of the boots and pinned the tri force badges onto the boots. However, the badges often pulled themselves facing down due to their weight against a flimsy pin attachment. This wasn’t a big issue, but I just felt that the badges didn’t look as good as the rest of the accessories. The gloves are nicely made with studs attached to them, once again nice attention to detail with the cosplay.

 Belts, bag and Sheikah Slate

The brown belt was a tad oversized, it had a size M on the label, but I ordered a small cosplay. A picking error maybe, but with a belt, it wasn’t a major issue.

The gold belt which I didn’t notice too much on Zelda’s game design was used to hold the sheikah slate and the backpack in place; these two items attach to the belt. I was worried the belts would slide down or get damaged easily by adjusting the tightness but there wasn’t anything to worry about.

The sheikah slate is okay if you don’t want to build your own props, as it was just a design printed onto the material, and a bit small in size. Great as an additional feature to hang on the belt, but as a prop – not so much. I had already begun to make my own Sheikah slate when I opened the package to find a slate included, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it as a result.

The bag was really cool but I just wasn’t sure if it was meant to be opened, there was an opening mechanism but yet the bag was small and there wasn’t much need for me to use the bag for its own function anyway.

Here's a photo of my own Sheikah Slate creation!

Wig, ears and hairclips

The wig is a Primrose Gold in Alex from Coscraft, the wig is very thick and easy to style with a brush and more heat resistant compared to unbranded wigs. For Zelda’s braid I had a spare blonde headband plait that I had previously bought, and using parts of the wig that was cut when styling Zelda’s framed hairstyle, I separated the hair strands into smaller pieces to be weaved into the pre-existing plait to ensure the plait matched the colour of the base wig. This tip, I saw from AlterHeidi on Twitter and worked quite nicely! The photo below shows the difference in colour and texture after adding weft strands from the coscraft wig into the shiny golden plait.

The ears are from Madhouse, I ordered these from Etsy and they arrived quickly. Thankfully I had the thickness of the wig from coscraft to help with any mishaps from glueing these elf ears to my normal ears. I ended up forgetting that my ears are small when I came to glue these onto my ears with spirit gum. They appear to have a left and right side. I'm hoping to do more Princess Zelda cosplays in the future so these ears will be used more often!

The hair clips were not included, I designed and 3D printed these clips with a small gap so that they could slide through the hair. These clips took roughly 40 minutes to print since they were quite thin.

Ordering again?

From this experience, would I order again? Possibly if they stocked a cosplay that I was having difficulty in finding. Some people have mentioned issues with sizings, and while it wasn’t the case for myself… I’m slightly confused over a belt being with an “M” label, this may have been something that I also suffered with as well.

The quality of the Princess Zelda cosplay was really impressive, the whole cosplay was easy to assemble together and flexible to move around within. The attention to detail was also a highlight of the order, it didn’t feel as if any corners were cut in creating the design so the price mark felt reasonable for the cosplay.

Any questions about the cosplay, please feel free to add any comments below! If you've ordered from miccostumes or have cosplayed from Legend of Zelda then let me know too! :)

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