Monday, 20 August 2018

Thanks for visiting my blog, this post will be all about my cosplay for Rika Nonaka from Digimon Tamers.

For a quick and easy casual cosplay, and for any Digimon fan, I'll be sharing with you some help as to how I made my Rika cosplay. Many of these items I had at hand easily, Rika wears a yellow scarf, red arm bands and a pair of blue jeans with two brown belts tied around her right leg.

I've previously made some Pokemon cosplays for fun, but for me Digimon as a series always surpasses Pokemon so I thought I'd take opportunity to have made a cosplay from both shows. As Digimon Tamers is often a fan favourite I decided to make Rika since she's often a stand out character from the franchise. For a series aimed more towards a male demographic, female characters don't sell as well. In attempt to solve this, with a smaller cast, we are introduced to Rika who unlike the other characters, she's strong, aggressive and one step ahead of the game. She's a initially shown to be a pseudoantagonist, a coldhearted loner who views Digimon as data instead of a partner, a differing ideology than our previous main cast members.

I painted the shirt using one blue fabric pen, a quick job for a quick and casual cosplay.
The shirt pattern is a broken heart, I’ve attached a copy of the template that I made and used from a screenshot of the anime below. As mentioned before, Rika is seen to be a cold hearted character, the broken hearted t shirt design is representative of her rebellion against her mother who wants to wants her dress more feminine.

For the shirt, I picked up an XS sized shirt in Primark, for the raglan base. As Rika's shirt is 3/4 length, the sleeves were cut and hemmed shorter. This is as much sewing as I needed to do!
 Since I used a men’s shirt for the raglan, the fit is noticeably looser, even for a size XS but for the character and I didn’t want to alter the fit due to her age and her tomboyish nature.

The wig was originally platinum blonde, I received this wig in error from an eBay seller, and so I wanted to make something from this. I dyed the wig towards brighter yellow colour using watercolour paint as Rika’s hair some highlights amongst the dark orange shades. I wanted to bring out through dying the wig in separate stages. For the next stage, I attempted dying with ink, using the brand FW Acrylic. To dye wigs, I always mix together paint, isopropyl alcohol and water into a small spray bottle to give an even coverage.

For styling the wig, I tied the shoulder length wig into a ponytail, and a separate hair bun attachment was tied onto the ponytail, this allowed for Rika's “pineapple” hair style, and with dying the wig with the spray bottle, I could ensure that the same colour matched throughout. To keep the spikes in place, I used what many cosplayers recommend lately, got2b hairspray as it's easy to get hold of in stores and the product holds really well.

The digimon d-power is actually an old collectable item of mine! I'm glad that I could somehow incorporate it as a prop.
I'll be selling Rika's shirt in the near future to make room for upcoming projects! So please keep checking my blog for future updates as well!

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