[REVIEW] Tales of Graces F - Sophie Lhant Cosplay

Monday, 28 January 2019

Today’s post is going to be showcasing my Sophie Lhant cosplay from Tales of Graces F

Sophie is one of the main characters in the story and this cosplay as shown is one of her outfits which she wears during the game. It features within the Line and Legacies portion of the game.

At first, I wasn’t sure which version of Sophie to cosplay, however, the futuristic look of her 2nd outfit appealed to me more as I felt this design would be more easily able to be constructed to work within a real-life setting. Sophie’s first design has a lot going on and makes the character look rather childish with the jumpsuit.

I bought the cosplay as there was no way I could have scheduled the time to make this myself! A lot of the designs from the Tales of series are notoriously detailed and complex. Sometimes buying is the better method to save yourself from unnecessary stresses, below is the stock photos to highlight the comparisons between what was ordered and received!

What's included
  •  Undershirt
  • Jacket
  • Arm Bracers x 2
  • Shoe Covers x 2
  • Shorts
  •   Ribbons for Shoes

From buying the cosplay, the main difference is that the shoe ribbons are not the same shade of pink as the rest of the outfit and are not made out of PVC, which is a minor concern all things considered...

However the main gripe that I had with the cosplay, in general, was the shoe covers, they are made out of a polyester material and as I have size 5.5 feet, these just didn’t fit properly or have any stretch to work with. Plus white polyester for shoes just doesn’t seem like a good idea in general!

The wig itself was dyed with idye in the shade violet to give it the shade needed for this cosplay, the original colour was white which made it really easy for the wig fibres to hold the colour which I needed.

The ponytails are one clip in ponytail which was split into half and sewed together, before being sewed into the base wig. The idea for this was from a Sailor Moon wig tutorial that I saw on YouTube! I felt that using a clip in ponytail for both pig tails would be too bulky. The hairclips were made from a PVC pipe which was sandeded down and attached to the ponytail, being threaded into place.

Currently I have this cosplay up for sale at the moment as I'm looking to make space for new projects and to find a new owner! If you're interested, please check out my listing on eBay for more details! :)

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