[REVIEW] Card Captor Sakura Clear Arc Taito Prize Figure

Monday, 27 May 2019

I did also did an unboxing video for this as it's been a while!

The design of the figurine is well thought out and there are a few small aspects which I thought made the figurine feel more high quality compared to various prize figures. The use of the ribbons to attach the model of Sakura to the backdrop of the stars is a great touch since it combines both together and the slots are easy to put into place although they are only small.

The face for Sakura, I personally found to be either hit or miss depending on the angle that the figurine is placed. The eyes can sometimes appear to be too out of proportion compared to the rest of her face.  With this, the placement of her wand also often ends up hiding the face too, but as the detail is quite fine on the wand itself, and nicely proportioned as well, I didn't find this to be too big of an issue. As the wand is angled slightly tilted towards the face it does make for a nice change for her post to be more made to be a battle stance rather than a generic pose which is visible in many FuRyu prize figurines.

The figure itself as a whole has really vibrant colours which compliment each other, as clear card arc had a lot of bright imagery and this also reflects in the figure. I feel like it's brightened up my small collection and it's nice to see different companies attempts at visualising the colour scheme for Sakura's design overall. Their attempt seems to match well with S.H. figuarts attempt on her 1st opening outfit when placed together.

Combined with a clear base stand, which is my favourite choice in stands as they seem to be much more easier to take care of. The engraving of the kanji for Sakura is a detailed touch which sadly isn't easily visible due to how small it is marked onto the stand itself, shows that there's been more thought to designing the figure than initially, you would expect for a prize figure. However Taito has done a number of good quality figures, and their take ends up showing where FuRyu's many Sakura figures that they churn out, can be improved upon.


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